Visual Snow? Discover the True Spiritual Meaning Behind It

Ready to discover the spiritual meaning of the visual snow phenomenon?

Ready to discover the spiritual meaning of the visual snow phenomenon?

Have you ever heard of the visual snow spiritual phenomenon?

If you haven’t, have you ever suddenly seen static in your field of vision?

With the help of the internet, it turns out that hundreds of people experience this strange change in vision temporarily, but not many know what it really means.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What is Visual Snow?

The Eye On Vision Foundation describes visual snow as, “the persisting visual symptom of seeing snow or television-like static across their visual field.”

It can occur during the day or night and can be seen whether a room is brightly lit or pitch dark.

The EOV, like many professionals, admits there is no known cause for this phenomenon.

While modern-day science tries its hardest to find a link between diseases or chemical reactions in the brain, their studies continue to come up short of the true reason for this strange yet fascinating condition.

CT scans, MRIs, and vision testing have found no correlation to patients and this static field in their vision.

All that the medical and scientific world can determine with 100% accuracy is that it is often associated with an after-effect of fatigue or derealization, and causes a person to see halos or other strange shapes after the static ends.

Spirits may be trying to manifest themselves in order to help you.

Spirits may be trying to manifest themselves in order to help you.

Much like one might experience during a psychic phenomenon.

The True Meaning Behind The Snow

Visual snow spiritual occurrences are the result of spirits attempting to manifest, or fully manifesting, in visual form.

It is a glimpse into their field of energy, and you are simply seeing them in the closest thing to a physical presence they have left.

Some believe this is catching a spirit in the act of learning how to manifest in a full, more apparition-like form.

Others believe this is simply how certain spirits can be seen, as they will never be strong enough to fully appear before us.

Either way, the signs found in both medical, scientific study prove this experience to be real.

Mediums who communicate with spirits are fatigued after their encounters, while anyone who brushes so closely with a spirit may find themselves incredibly disoriented afterward.

It might seem scary but you should not be afraid.

It might seem scary but you should not be afraid.

The transmission of energy from one realm to the next can distort your vision for a while afterward, too.

Hence patients seeing halos, starburst, and other shapes after the encounter.

What Does This Mean For You?

Don’t panic.

This visual snow spiritual experience is likely the result of a loved one reaching out to you from the great beyond.

It also means you might be clairsentient or, on some level, clairvoyant.

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This ability to communicate outside of our realm is nothing to be frightened of, so don’t let the Poltergeist or Sinister movies scare you.

Determining whether or not you are psychic is as simple as taking a quick test, and can end up opening a new world of possibilities to you.

Watch this video to test your psychic powers:

What to do When the Snow Starts

Due to the aftereffects that the visual snow spiritual phenomenon can cause, it is recommended to sit down and wait for the experience to pass.

If you are driving, pull over until the snow or static fades away.

At the same time, remain calm.

Nothing terrible is going to happen to you, and no harm can come from this change in your vision.

These visions are simply showing you that you are in-tune with the spiritual world, and are not a direct communication or contact with the afterlife.

Some research suggests that similar sights may be caused by the onset of severe migraines.

While this is still largely up for debate, it doesn’t hurt to visit with your doctor and find out if this might be the case.

This is especially true if you are already prone to terrible migraines.

However, the evidence strongly points to all this being spiritual.

If you believe that these sights are the result of a loved one reaching out to you, find a trusted medium who can contact this person.

They may have an important message for you, or might simply be trying to let you know they love you.

Watch this video to discover the signs a dead loved one is close by: