Numbers in Dreams (and What They Mean for Your Life)

Discover the truth about numbers in dreams.

Discover the truth about numbers in dreams.

Dreams have long been a source of wonder and curiosity.

What do they mean?

Are they prophetic?

What are they trying to show me?

There are many reasons that you might dream about a number or series of numbers.

Most often, numbers in dreams are trying to tell you something or bring you a piece of information in your waking life.

While specific numbers have particular meanings, sequences and just the presence of numbers in your dream can also have specific implications.

It’s essential that you try to pay attention to these dreams as your mind is trying to work things out.

Updated 10/11/2019

Why Do We Dream of Numbers?

Luckily, interpreting dreams have become more common, and it is easier to understand what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

This video goes over the reason we dream in the first place:

But what happens if you start to have dreams about numbers?

Most often, dreaming of numbers means you are searching for logic and understanding in your life.

Numbers point to organization and their appearance in a dream can signify a need to create order.

Each number also has its own power and significance, and it could appear to convey that message.

It’s best to view numbers as symbols because there could be many ways to interpret their appearance in your dream.

Notice if you have a certain number or a series of numbers that show up in your dreams often.

Or be on the lookout for the number of objects in a dream because that could have more meaning than the objects.

How Do We Analyze Numbers in Dreams?

Experts in numerology say that you should try to look at single digits because those often have more power than double digits.

For example, it the number 45 keeps appearing in your dreams, you should add 4 and 5 together to come up with the number 9.

The number 9 will give you more information and significance than 45.

Figuring out the meaning of your dreams can lead to profound insights.

Figuring out the meaning of your dreams can lead to profound insights.

Dream numbers can also signify an important date, age, or anniversary.

It could also play into dream themes such as the number of children that might enter your life, a new position at work, or a big transition coming up in your life.

The type of number can also have some importance.

Some believe that odd numbers are more aggressive than even numbers.

Odd might also show negativity in your life.

Even numbers on the other hand often represent peace and tranquility.

They could mean a happy or content moment in your life.

The Meanings Behind Certain Numbers

Each number has a specific meaning behind it, and by appearing in your dreams, it could be trying to give you a message.

Here are just a few numbers and their implications.

The Number 1

The number one often shows a fresh start or signals a new beginning.

One also represents you or a single person.

Pay close attention if you see one because it might be signaling that you need to focus on your inner self more.

It could also be asking you to consolidate all your energy on one single task or idea.

Dreaming of the number 1 might mean you’re on the “1 Life Path”.

Watch his video to discover what that means for you:

The Number 2

Two is a number that represents balance.

Seeing a two in your dreams might mean that it is time to decide about something in your life that has two options.

It could also point to a need for balance in your life like your social interactions, your budget, or time.

It might also look to a relationship in your life that needs attention.

If you keep seeing the number 2, then you may be on the “2 Life Path”.

This video describes what that means for you:

The Number 3

Three is an indication of creativity.

Seeing this number in your dreams is a sign that you need to create something.

It can be art, music, a solution to a problem, or even a new identity.

Your mind is ready to build and construct when it sees three.

The Number 4

Four is a very grounding number and provides stability and support.

Different numbers have different meanings and different impacts on your life.

Different numbers have different meanings and different impacts on your life.

It also points strongly to matters of the house because it can represent the four corners of your home.

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a new home, or it’s time to organize and clean your current home.

The Number 5

Five often represents the five elements and seeks to bring harmony into your life.

It can also be an indication of motion or mobility.

Don’t be surprised if you have the urge to travel or get out of town when you see the number five.

The Number 6

When you see the number six, it might be time to bring peace and balance to your family or relationships.

The number six asks us to nurture those around us, such as children or partners, but also to self-indulge and care for our own spirit.

The Number 7

In numerology, seven is a profoundly mystical number.

It has a certain magic to it that calls to a higher level of knowledge.

If you see a number seven in your dreams, seek out more enlightenment and education.

Here’s what the number 7 means for you:

The Number 8

The number eight is a unique number to see in a dream because it is usually the way the universe conveys that it is always caring for us.

Eight shares the same significance with the infinite nature and cycles of life.

It points to everything in your life being in order and the knowledge that everything will work out in due time.