10 Amazing Crystals That Will Boost Your Confidence Right Now

If you're interested in crystals for confidence, you're in the right place.

If you’re interested in crystals for confidence, you’re in the right place. Photo: Herry Lawford

Life can be difficult without confidence.

You may find yourself unable to comfortably assert yourself and obtain the type of life you desire.

One effective solutions is to use crystals for confidence.

Now get ready, because you’re about to discover how to do exactly that – and get a life you love!

– Updated 2/11/2020

These 10 Incredible Crystals Will Help Boost Your Self-Esteem Today

1) White Previous Opal

This is no ordinary opal.

With flashes of blue, green and red this stone has a vibrant iridescence.

The energy produced by this stone helps boost your feelings of self-esteem.

Plus, also helps remove mental blocks including feelings of worthlessness.

2) Cinnabar

Like many red stones, Cinnabar helps boost feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

However, you want to be careful around Cinnabar.

There’s a small amount of mercury in this stone.

Not enough to harm you if you touch the stone, but certainly don’t put it in your mouth or make an elixir with it.

After handling the stone, wash your hands to be safe.

3) Spirit Quartz

This sparkly crystal cluster has a subtle lilac hue.

Because it’s a cluster, energy will radiate in every direction.

A spirit quartz is a good choice to place in a small room like an office.

The energy helps remove feelings of fear and doubt while promoting feelings of self-worth.

This video goes over some of the amazing metaphysical properties of Spirit Quartz and how it helps you:

4) Sunstone

This stone has a light shine and gentle luminosity, which directly relates to its effects.

Sunstone helps you shine, especially regarding talents and skills.

If you need a boost related to a specific ability you feel you lack, the stone should help.

5) Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is probably the most popular love crystal, but it’s not normally associated with confidence.

However, rose quartz is such an effective love crystal because it increases your ability to attract others and love yourself.

If you need help accepting yourself and boosting your confidence, this crystal is a great choice.

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Some crystals not only boost your confidence, but they also help your love life.

Some crystals not only boost your confidence, but they also help your love life. Photo: hamischdynamisch

6) Moonstone

Do you suffer from fears, especially emotional fears?

Moonstone works well to reduce fears and phobias.

Recommended to help recovery from traumas such as loss or breakup.

Most people wear the crystal around their neck in a pendant.

Moonstone has blue-white color with a subtle sheen.

As the name suggests, this stone resembles the soft light of the moon.

7) Blue Chalcedony

This stone is often associated with a throat chakra, which makes it useful for anyone looking to boost their public speaking ability.

Also helps you to speak out with confidence in an assertive, bold way.

These stones are various shades of bold but light blue.

8) Citrine

A lack of confidence often goes hand-in-hand with low energy levels.

This yellow-gold crystal tackles both issues.

Wearing or carrying citrine helps increase your energy levels while also creating a sunny, cheerful disposition.

Citrine also absorbs negative energy.

If someone’s words or actions have harmed your confidence, this stone can help you reverse the damage.

9) Hermatite

Other people can really have an impact on how you feel about yourself

If you’re faced with a lot of negativity in your life, this stone can help block that bad energy and heal you.

Removing these bad vibes allows a new, positive self-image to grow and thrive.

Hematite also helps increase focus.

This is a good stone to carry if you’re taking a test or have an individual event which requires a lot of concentration.

Here’s a video with more info on this amazing gem:

10) Golden Beryl

This is another yellow crystal with positive, warming energy.

A good choice if you need confidence relating to leadership.

If other people are depending on you, and you don’t want to let them down, this crystal should be placed in your office or another work environment.


The stones for confidence listed above are all very effective at increasing feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

Confidence crystals are an easy, fast-acting solution if you’re feeling anxious and reserved in your career or just your life in general.

Let the power of crystals help boost your self-esteem today!