What Does Spiritual Energy Feel Like? (Truth Revealed!)

What does spiritual energy feel like? You're about to find out!

What does spiritual energy feel like? You’re about to find out!

There is an energy or vibrational frequency to everything in the universe.

This collective energy or vibration passes through us constantly and we can either be in tune to it or tune it out completely.

So, what does spiritual energy feel like?

Most of the time, it feels like energy!

Trying to explain spiritual things is difficult because most of the time we just don’t have the language to put higher thoughts and ideas into common words.

However, it’s a subject worth talking about, since so many people have questions about the spirit world and understanding how we can connect to it.

Today, we’re covering those very questions and helping you better understand spiritual energy and how it feels to experience it!

– Updated 2/11/2020

The Real Question

You're going to learn everything you need to know about spiritual energy in this article.

You’re going to learn everything you need to know about spiritual energy in this article. Photo: flickr/J. Simmons

When people want to do know, “what does spiritual energy feel like?” what they’re really asking is one of two questions:

  • What is it like to be a medium or psychic?
  • Have I felt spiritual energy before?

Let’s start with what it feels like to be a psychic!

While we’re all intuitive to some degree, mediums and psychics have higher levels of abilities than regular people do and have worked to develop these talents even further.

Mediums might use other words such as “spiral” or “meditate” to explain how they communicate with the spirit world, but this process is often compared to a state of hypnosis or semi-consciousness.

More often than not, they are extremely relaxed though still completely aware of what’s happening around them.

Many report seeing lights, like auras, or even shapes.

They have also reported feeling temperature changes, sometimes called energy changes.

Lark areas of cooling will suddenly appear in a room or heat. Some even report seeing shadows.

Some people see lights and vague shapes.

Some people see lights and vague shapes. Photo: flickr/G. Thomas Bower

Finally, some mediums describe seeing things as if they were in a dream, or hearing or seeing words in their mind’s eye or in their gut.

Everyone experiences different things, and everyone uses different words to express what they’re experiencing!

Have I Felt Spirits?

When people ask, “what does spiritual energy feel like?” what they want to know, more often than not, is if they’ve felt spirits.

Usually, the answer to this question is yes!

Sensing the spirit world is called clairsentience.

While the gift is commonly misunderstood, it simply means “clear feeling” and has been given to a lot more people than are aware of it.

If you’ve ever felt strong emotions when walking into a group of people (before you’ve even talked to anybody) or you’ve entered a room and felt strong “energies,” chances are you might be clairsentient.

Have you felt spirits? If yes, then you may have experienced spiritual energy.

Have you felt spirits? If yes, then you may have experienced spiritual energy. Photo: flickr/Atell Rohlandt

Seeing Auras

We all have energy fields around us called auras and these auras are sensitive to the energy vibrating all around us.

People who learn how to understand their auras often seem like they have an extra sense as they can seem to sense things around them that other people don’t know it.

Here are some of the sensations people experience when a spirit is present:

  • Heaviness or pressure (sometimes over your head)
  • Heat in the air
  • Tingling sensation on your back or your arms
  • Feelings of being followed
  • Thickness or warmness in a room (especially if nobody else is there)
  • Ghosts might make you feel anxious
  • Feeling like you’re in a crowded elevator, even when you’re alone
  • A shimmer feeling on the skin or gentle massage
  • Visions or flashes of light

Watch this video for additional tips on feeling energy:

Sensing Energy

If you’ve experienced these feelings, chances are you’ve felt beings from the other world.

If you’re not sure or want to learn to feel or see the spirit world, a good place to start is by learning more about your energy.

Meditation, energy sensing, and energy healing are great places to start.

Begin by finding a quiet, undistracted place.

Turn off your phone, the television, and so forth and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and relax.

Perhaps you've felt beings from another plane and didn't realize it.

Perhaps you’ve felt beings from another plane and didn’t realize it.

Now, try to feel the vibrations flowing all around you.

You might feel temperature changes in your body, particularly in your fingertips or palms.

Now, face your palms together with about a foot between them.

Imagine that there is a balloon in between your hands.

Use a fluid motion to slowly flatten the balloon and notice the changes in the atmosphere as you do this.

Try this again in other parts of your house or even outside.

What temperatures do you feel?

Can you feel a magnetic force pushing or pulling on your hands?

Can you feel the vibrations in the air?

This activity will help you better understand the energy around you so you can better understand what spiritual energy feels like!