10 Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Some consider the areas surrounding Los Angeles to be the most haunted regions of California.

With plenty of frightfully delicious hiking trails that might just turn you into a fast runner.

From grisly murders and mysterious disappearances, to ghostly creatures that haunt, and ones that seem to like hunting, each of these hikes has a dangerously exciting history that will get your adrenaline pumping.

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Even if you “think” you don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal you may change your tune after these hikes.

Many non-believers convert fairly quickly because there’s a big difference between safely reading and dangerously experiencing.

Some avid hikers report getting so freaked out they wouldn’t dare attempt the some hikes at night; and for others that’s the fun of it all.

Just to see how far you can really go.

Are you up for the challenge?

10 Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

10) Solstice Canyon

10 - Solstice Canyon - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: la2z.blogspot.com

When you put a creepy old abandoned charred house onto a trail, well you’ve got plenty of spookiness.

The ancient ruins of the Tropical Terrace House burned down in 1982 in a wildfire.

Locals report somehow the statues and waterfall grotto inside have disappeared without an explanation.

Some hikers report sightings of a beaten woman that burned in that fire and now haunts it.

Her cries and wailing are said to cause extreme pain in the crown of your head.

You can sometimes smell burnt human flesh according to freaked out hikers.

9) Corralitas Red Car Path

9 - Corralitas Red Car Path - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: michaelnotmike805.wordpress.com

In this area you’ll see strange wildlife and these peculiar obelisk stones.

Speculation is they’re either vortexes or even satanic altars.

One reporter described the path as surrounded by skeletons, abandoned cars, and ancient machinery.

Perhaps you’ll see a phantom train in the woods loaded with dead bodies from a devilish ritual?

Guess you’ll have to hike it to find out!

8) South Mount Hawkins

South Mount Hawkins

Photo credit: flickr/akad

This is a beautiful trail hike with an evil side.

There was a disastrous 2002 Curve fire along the ridge.

The evil part? This fire is said to have been started by cultists sacrificing live creatures.

Some even suspect humans were partial to the final sacrifice – but that’s pure speculation.

The only “proof” is hit and miss with the spirits hikers report floating around the area.

Some say you can “feel” the spirits the closer they get to the original fire spot.

7) Murphy Ranch

7 - Murphy Ranch - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles2

Photo credit: flickr/skizz

This little ranch is historically evil, manned by Nazi Sympathizers and set to be Hitler’s getaway in the west coast after the war was won.

Plans didn’t work out and it turned into an artist’s colony.

It’s eerie just to look at.

Hikers report structures like the water reservoirs and old powerhouse still stand.

The stone staircase is the creepiest – just knowing you’re walking with the devil.

Rumor has it if you’re lucky – or unlucky – depending, the ghosts of abducted children can be seen here.

6) The Old Zoo Trail

6 - The Old Zoo Trail - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: flickr/brokenfallacy

This eerie and old zoo trail is said to have both animal and human spirits filtrating through the air.

The trail begins where you’ll find the park’s oldest structure, the Paco Feliz Adobe.

Many hikers report seeing the ghost of Dona Petronilla watching from the windows and across the street on the carousel the spirit of a man climbing up and down the staircase.

Further down the trail you’ll walk through the ruins of the Old L.A. Zoo – no doubt some tormented caged animals will make their spirits noticed.

Be prepared to be scared!

5) Hollywood Sign

5 - Hollywood Sign - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: flickr/neilarmstrong2

One late night in September, 1932, Peg Entwhistle, a silent film actress plunged to her death from the Hollywood Sign.

Days after a hiker found her belongings and the suicide note.

One report claims she was cremated and buried in Ohio.

But other people argue they saw her plunge to her death but vanish into thin air before she hit the ground.

Today hikers claim to see her wandering the path and some still smell her favorite perfume.

4) Haunted Picnic Table 29

4 - Haunted Picnic Table 29 - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: flickr/hike-losangeles.com

On Halloween Night in 1976 a young couple sitting at this picnic table on the hiking trail were crushed by a tree.

The ashes of the young couple were scattered around the area.

Paranormal activity was reported afterward.

A tree trimmer was sent to cut the branches and met with a possessed shaking and very angry tree.

He said the tree whispered, “Leave us alone.”

The next week he reported that “you die” was etched into his car windshield.

3) Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

3 - Rancho Los Amigos Hospital - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: flickr/donbrr

This “Country Poor Farm,” built in 1888, was isolated on hundreds of acres in the middle of nowhere and house the mentally insane.

In the late 50s Rancho Los Amigos Hospital was suddenly abandoned; filing cabinets and beds sit untouched.

Signs warn trespassers beware but this doesn’t stop the thrill-seeker hiking enthusiasts from sneaking a peak.

There have been reports of finding body parts hidden in the basement freezer.

Day or night this facility is dark and eerie – perfect for a little investigating on your hike through the grounds and perhaps an encounter with a ghost.

2) Chilnualna Falls Trail

2 - Chilnualna Falls Trail - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: flickr/rovingmagpie

Tragedy stuck along this 8.4 mile hiking trail in Southern California where you just might hear the faint whisper of a young boy drowned in the lake, according to Native American legend.

Locals warn to ignore his calls or the same fate will be yours.

The waterfalls you’ll encounter on this hike are also reported to be haunted by Po-ho-no.

A malicious wind that magnetically draws hikers in and shoves them off the deadly cliff, plunging to their death on the spike-sharp rocks below.

1) Goat Canyon Trestle

1 - Goat Canyon Trestle - Most Haunted Hikes Near Los Angeles

Photo credit: flickr/lindhardt_photography

This Southern California hiking trail is illegal and for good reason.

Although freak-seeking hikers take the plunge anyway.

It’s abandoned and highly dangerous.

In 1919 this “impossible” 11 mile trail was built through impassable terrain.

And although there aren’t any specific folklore tales hidden in the trestles, at least that locals talk about, hikers still report hearing the sounds of a loud train whistle and sometimes spotting a ghostly train, even though tracks no longer exist.

Your Next Step

The world may know the Los Angeles area as a place of sunshine and glamour, but there are plenty of dark and mysterious hiking places that cast cold shadows.

If you got the guts to test your wits and chance the real possibility of a ghostly encounter, it’s time for you to take action (get directions to each location here) and tell us your tale afterwards.

Good Luck!