10 Creepy Paranormal Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of

Do you believe in the paranormal?

Do you enjoy the thrill of fear when reading creepy stories?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions you need to read this.

Chances are you’ve likely heard most of the well-known stories out there.

10 Creepy Paranormal Mysteries You Haven't Heard Of

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Updated 2/10/2020 – So today, I’m bringing you 10 unbelievably creepy paranormal mysteries you haven’t heard of until now.

There’s something addictive and alluring when it comes to gory but fascinatingly scary tales; the more real the better.

I particularly enjoy the ones that stick in my head; where I can actually picture the scene happening to me – that really freaks me out, hah.

Let’s get started…

10 Creepy Paranormal Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of

10) Freddy Jackson’s Ghost

10 - Freddy Jackson’s Ghost - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: paranormal.about.com

In 1919, this creepy photo was taken and first published way back in 1975.

This picture is Sir Victor Goddard’s squadron that served in WW1.

A ghost face mysteriously appears in the photo.

Top row, forth from the left, you can clearly see the face of a dead man.

Freddy Jackson, the airplane mechanic that was killed by accident by a propeller a few days before the picture was taken.

His funeral marked the very day this photo was captured.

The face was easily confirmed by the troops.

People believe Jackson showed up for the photo because he didn’t know or accept he died.

That’ll send shivers down your spine!

9) Creepy Gnome

Would you believe a creepy gnome was actually filmed in 2008 in General Guemes, Argentina?

Jose Alvarez was chatting about a previous fishing trip with his buddies and happened to be filming with his phone when it happened.

There was a rustling in the grass they thought was likely a dog, although that was a little weird because it sounded like “the dog” was throwing stones.

Their eyes were glued to the spot awaiting the dog to appear but instead it was this freaky looking gnome-like figure that really scared the bejezus out of them.

Other locals have reported the same sighting which immediately triggered throughout the town, literally paralyzing it.

8) Overtoun Bridge

8 - Overtoun Bridge - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: flickr/51782355@N03

In Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland, you’ll find this arch bridge, built way back in 1859.

What marks this bridge as creepy are the number of dogs that have killed themselves by jumping off.

Records were taken starting in the 50s and it’s weird that typically dogs with long noses were the ones that plunged to their death 50 feet below; smashed and bloodied on the rocks below.

Miraculously some would survive, recuperate, and leap off again.

Wanna know something weirder still?

The dogs always jump from the same side and almost always between the final two sections of the bridge.

Many people are convinced this bridge is haunted.

Further still, in 1994 a deranged man claiming to be the anti-Christ threw his new-born son off the bridge in the exact same spot the dogs all plunged to their demise; splattered on the sharp rocks below.

A short while after that the same man attempted suicide but failed.

Could it be that the Overtour Bridge is somehow responsible for all this tragedy?

If so how and why?

One paranormal explanation is the bridge is a “thin place,” a spot where the living and dead meet; where forces unimaginable marry and forcefully and without mercy overpower any logical thought one might have.

When the dead cross over that mystic of power into the living world they will take back with them anything or anyone living.

7) Shanti Devi

7 - Shanti Devi - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Picture this – A 4 year-old girl named Shanti Devi from India told her parents she previously lived in Muttra, was a mother of 3, died giving birth, and her name was Ludgi.

Talk about peculiar…

Because she was so insistent her parents took the girl to Muttra to find out everything was true.

Shanti even began speaking the local dialect, recognized her husband and children, and gave an astounding 24 correct statements matching facts about Ludgi’s life.

Talk about creeping you out!

6) James Worson

6 - James Worson - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: flickr/lorenkerns

A man with a bit of an ego, James Worson, accepted a challenge to race to the town of Coventry from Leamington in record time; no easy feat as it’s a 20-mile trek.

He’s a whole lot of talk, so in good spirit a few people asked him to prove it.

He kindly accepted and his two good friends followed close behind in a horse and buggy.

One brought out their camera and they both made sure “Mr. Athlete” was never out of sight.

Throughout the filming James often waved back at them while still keeping his incredible pace.

Worson was running down the middle of the road and tripped, pitching himself forward, hardly having time for a ghastly ear-drum wildly high-pitched scream – terrifying – like nothing they had ever heard before.

Instead of hitting the ground his friends witnessed the most terrifying and unbelievable sight, James vanished into thin air and didn’t even hit the ground.

Pictures were taken immediately around the area so they would have something to prove what had left shaken and terrified.

That icy scream was the last they saw or heard of James and the road tells the tale.

The camera shows the last footprints Worson took and then nothing, as the camera depicts him falling and vanishing.

To add a little more creepy to this tale, the hounds used to search the area would stop and instinctively shy away from the exact spot this phenomenal athlete disappeared from without a trace.

The eeriness of this paranormal event with dual credibility; eye witnesses and camera footage, which rarely happens when the underworld and human world collide.

5) Chupas

5 - Chupas - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: listverse.com

Chupas is another name for UFOs, reportedly seen at night in the eastern forests of Brazil.

Locals describe them as tiny metallic discs that skim just above the treetops with a truck-like hum.

These Brazilians hunt deer at night because they are poor, and often crouch high in the trees to patiently to wait.

This is when they are witnessed up close and personal to these blinding bright lights in the sky flashing at light-speed just above their heads.

Some claim they are hunted by the chupas and they are deadly.

Mysteriously many people that have come in contact with these mysterious flying objects wind up suddenly with incredible pain for the rest of their life.

On occasion there have been people claiming the lethal beams have fried people on the spot.

Anyone that comes in contact with chupas is cursed and a painful and sometimes deadly future is inevitable.

4) Devil’s Footprints

4 - Devil’s Footprints - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: listverse.com

One night in February, 1855, and a few nights later, there was a series of mysterious prints in the snow that resembled horses but not quite.

Each of the prints measured about 2.5 inches wide and they were 8 inches apart from each other.

They were seen along the countryside for an incredible 100 miles and essentially followed an arrow straight line.

Any obstacle in the path of this “devil-footprint” was travelled straight through, like it wasn’t even there; haystacks, houses, barns, and rivers, you name it and it was like it didn’t exist.

Around this massive area there were also reports of people seeing a “devil-like” creature, as you can imagine spreading massive terror throughout the countryside.

Of course villagers gathered together to create a small army, armed to hunt down this devil-beast and restore peace.

That never happened.

Again on the night of March 12th 2009 these same “devil-foot” markings were seen in the snow in the exact same area with no explanation.

Locals are haunted by this experiences and believe these are the footprints of the devil, making some ritual march down this particular path for reasons unknown.

3) Felicia Felix-Mentor

3 - Felicia Felix-Mentor - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: beforeitsnews.com

In 1907 Felicia Felix-Mentor died suddenly after an unexplained illness the villagers believe is related to zombies.

In 1936 a nude woman was found wandering the streets, making her way to the farm she claimed her father owned.

And in fact the owners identified her as the long-dead Felicia Felix-Mentor; her husband also verified this.

Because she was deathly sick she was sent to a government hospital where doctors notice peculiar behaviour.

It was like she was in another place; void of emotion and surrounded by voices.

She would occasionally laugh without emotion and talk to herself in first or third person, with no sense of time or space, void of the world around her.

Could this be another experience with the after-world?

Or perhaps Felicia was stuck between life and death and only existed within herself?

2) SS Ourang Medan

2 - SS Ourang Medan - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: seeksghosts.blogspot.com

In 1948, distress calls were picked up from the Dutch freighter SS Ourang Medan, just off Indonesia.

The message was of death, all the passengers including the captain were dead on the bridge and in the chartroom.

The Morse code following this eerie message was just as grisly…”I die.”

A rescue vessel was sent out to investigate, not prepared for the terrifying tragedy they were about to witness.

After continuously radioing the vessel with no response, tensions ran high.

What the rescuers witnessed after boarding the vessel was the scariest and strangest ghost ship stories ever recorded.

Every single officer on the Ourang was ghostly dead, eyes and mouths open, arms reaching out and terror paralyzed each face; frozen in fear.

The sight causes many rescuers to recoil in disgust and vomit over the rail of the ship uncontrollably.

When the rescuers entered the boiler room they “felt” a chill regardless of the fact the temperature was 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lead rescuer decided to tow the haunted ship back to port.

Immediately after this decisions was made a blast came from the hull of the ship and it burst into flames.

In a panic the rescuers jumped off the ship to safety and hardly had time to cut the tow lines before the ship sank to the bottom of the deep dark sea.

This story remains a mystery to this very day.

1) Gef

1 - Gef - Creepy Paranormal Mysteries

Photo credit: altereddimensions.net

Back in September 1931, the Irving family of 3 – mom, dad, and daughter Voirrey of 13 – reported hearing weird scratching and loud rustling noises from behind the walls in their farmhouse.

Initially they chalked it up to a large rat.

But when these sounds started changing they realized it couldn’t be a rat.

Sometimes they would hear growling, sounds like a baby grunting, and even spitting noises like a weasel or ferret might make.

After some time this creature evolved and identified itself as Gef.

It claimed to have been born in 1852 in New Delhi, India.

Voirrey was the only person to ever partially see Gef and she said he was about the size of a small rat, with a bushy tail and weird yellowish fur.

Gef claimed to be an “extra special mongoose,” and “earth-bound spirit,” and a “ghost in animal form.”

He continued to say he was a freak with hands and feet, and that Voirrey would throw-up if she saw him.

Gef further warned her she would instantly turn to stone or a pillar of salt of she actually saw him clearly.

This young girl felt sorry for Gef and comforted him as much as possible, but claimed he was not her creation.

When Voirrey died in 2005 so did the key to unlocking this mystery.


Whether you believe in witches and ghosts, devil-like creatures, and the existence of the underworld and all the mystic creatures within is up to you.

But when haunting events occur with mysterious circumstance that can’t be explained by science or logic, you can’t help but wonder.