The 7 Best Hiking Trails in California to See a Ghost

Sometimes, nothing beats having an impromptu adventure under the California sun.

If you are living or visiting in California, you might want to consider a day spent hiking one of these breath-taking beautiful trails.

While there might be a ghost story or two that accompanies each of these hikes…

Updated 2/9/2020 – …one look at the scenery will have you forgetting all about the paranormal danger.

Then again…not everyone returns from these trails.

Ready to test your bravery?

Well then, below are seven of the best hiking trails in California if you love the spooky and the spectacular.

The 7 Best Hiking Trails in California to See a Ghost

7) Wildflower Trail – Clovis, CA

The Wildflower Trail in Clovis may look beautiful in the afternoon, but once the sun sets it becomes an entirely different place.

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If you need a colorful but laid back way to spend your Sunday, be sure to scope out the Wildflower Trail.

This route is especially ideal in the later winter and early spring, and can be jogged, walked and even driven on.

The rolling hills become covered with flowers and flowering bushes.

Try to plan ahead so the flowers, almond trees and peach trees are all in bloom at the same time.

The only thing you’ll want to watch out for on the Wildflower Trail is a robed, hooded figurethat seems to appear and disappear at random along the path.

Those who have witnessed the figure say it is terrifying to see, and that something deep in their gut told them they did not want the thing to remove its hood at any time.

Despite all of that, it is still guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful trails you’ve ever been on.

6) Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park – Riverside, CA

Sycamore Canyon in Riverside has some stunning views, but if you stay after dark... well... don't say we didn't warn you.

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Careful where you step! Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park is known to have a couple of snakes…not to mention a coyote or two.

But you’re relatively safe as long as you remain alert.

This park has numerous trails, some of which are heavily preferred by bikers.

However, everyone is courteous as they share the meandering and increasingly beautiful hikes.

Watch lizards play as you take in the view from the highest trail, or visit the nature center to learn about the plant life.

Just whatever you do…avoid the park after nightfall.

One young couple who recently snuck into the park says that they were approached by a black, shadowy figure who spoke to them in English—backwards.

They were so terrified, they fled the park.

Several paranormal investigators are looking into the case now.

5) American River Bike Trail – Sacramento, CA

The American River Bike Trail is a popular destination for runners, bikers, walkers, even skaters.

As you might have guessed by the name, this trail runs along the ever clean and cool American River.

Escape the city…

Take a vigorous bike ridealong the river, and toss yourself in whenever you need to cool down.

It’s a perfect way to spend the day, despite the latest developments.

According to a skater in the area, a series of strange orbs have been seen gliding over the surface of the river in the early morning.

Nobody is quite sure of what the light orbs could be, but the skater insists they weren’t man made.

4) Ho Chi Minh Trail – San Diego, CA

This trail reminded Californians of the Ho Chi Minh trail in Asia so much that this trail was named after it.

Described as equal parts challenging and fun, this trail is beloved by local surfers as it opens up to some superb surfing spots along the coast.

This trail is narrow, slippery and dangerous at times, so be sure to take your time and really milk the experience for all it’s worth!

According to some antiquated guide books of San Diego, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is said to be haunted by the spirits of three friends.

Said friends were dedicated surfers and died in a dangerous swell not far from the trail.

Now, they haunt the trail, especially in the narrowest parts of the hike.

Their disembodied whispers and laughing can be heard with small crowds.

3) Feather Falls Trail – Oroville, CA

Looking for trails at varied elevations to mix things up?

Look no further than Feather Falls.

This trail is comprised of two loops, one is shorter, the other longer.

The variations in incline and terrain make this hike diverse and interesting no matter how many times you visit.

Altogether, the two loops equate to nine miles, so be sure to pack good walking shoes or hiking boots.

Regular hikers swear the trail is home to over a thousand ladybugs and salamanders.

And if you or your significant other have an interest in the paranormal, you’ll definitely want to take your time on this trail.

According to a local legend, Feather Falls is one of the rare locations where people believe they spotted the fabled leprechaun.

2) Monterey Bay Coastal Trail – Monterey, CA

If you are interested in finding a trail with views so breathtaking, you want to sneak back for your camera, then Monterey Bay Coastal Trail is the path for you.

The trail goes from Pacific Grove all the way to Castroville, giving runners and bikers plenty of miles to really challenge themselves on.

Here’s what most people love about this trail…

That whether it is your first time on it, or your one hundredth time, you’re bound to notice something you hadn’t seen before.

A couple of runners who use the trail early in the mornings have said that they spotted a misty gray apparition hovering in the waternear the trail.

The men said that they didn’t feel frightened when they looked at her.

It felt as though she were watching over them to keep them safe.

1) Truesdale Access Trail – Eureka, CA

Unlike most of the trails on this list, Truesdale Access Trail is only a couple of years old.

What was once considered an ugly and neglected section of townwas eventually torn down to make way for this long stretch of nature and pathways.

Now, Truesdale is a much loved part of the community, and a fantastic trail to escape the normal chaos of life, enjoy quality time with the dog, or even make new acquaintances.

No matter what you like to do as recreation, at Truesdale you have the space and support to do so.

A few residents of Eureka have come to the trail at nightand have claimed it is haunted.

While nobody died during the construction of the park, a group of paranormal investigators managed to capture a series of disembodied voices having a disjointed conversation together.

It’s been said that when they took the recordings to a priest, the Father said it had been a vile conversation between two demons.

Have you walked or hiked any of these trails?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.