7 Terrifying Paranormal Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

If you think you’ve heard of all the paranormal creatures out there, think again.

The amount of paranormal activity our world experiences on a daily basis is staggering in depth and variety.

And the creatures that are spawned from such activity are equally varied.

7 Terrifying Paranormal Creatures You've Never Heard Of

Updated 2/9/2020 – Some are mere nuisances to humans.

But others are terrifying in both appearance and their capacity for evil.

In today’s post you’ll discover 7 terrifying paranormal creatures that will keep you up with the lights on.

7 Paranormal Beings and Creatures That You Don’t Know About

#7 – Powobawa

7 - Powobawa - Paranormal Creatures

Photo credit: theunexplainedmysteries.com

Here is a very strange one-eyed winged dwarf-like creature that’s as mystical as it is deadly.

It’s supposedly found in the isle of Zanzibar and was first spotted in 1972.

What comes to mind is the song with the lyrics, “one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater.”

Unfortunately this creature is anything but upbeat.

It is said to come out only on dark and stormy nights in search of its baby that was apparently stolen ages ago.

As a punishment it will feast upon a child it finds out wandering each and every stormy night, as this creature blames all beings for the disappearance of its child.

Reports of missing children mysteriously appear under such conditions in a consistent basis.

Enough for locals to warn families to keep all children locked inside after dark on stormy nights.

On one occasion a local that apparently dismissed this myth, watched his 6 year-old boy get torn from his arms.

The one eye horned flying creature tore with such force that the right arm remained in the hand of the father while the rest flew off to certain death with the creature.

#6 – Horned-Demon Cat

7 - Horned-Demon Cat - Paranormal Creatures

Photo credit: zhon.deviantart.com

The story goes; Howard Leland first reported seeing this beastly soulless creature during World War II.

He says that while seeking refuge from a German aircraft during the London raid, he was attacked by a huge beastly cat with devil-eyes and horns.

Leland remembers feeling the incredible power of this beast as the claws dug into his forearms, paralyzed with terror.

A bomb went off nearby that must have spooked the cat, it shrieked and let go, disappearing as quickly as it appeared.

The cat claw marks in Leland’s arms never did heal; evidence of his encounter.

Locals report a man used to live in a house very near the incident that was involved in black magic.

He used stray cats for his experiments and people report all sorts of strange catatonic-like cats wandering around his yard, hundreds at a time.

#5 – Tunnelpfiefer

4 - The Tunnelpfiefer - Paranormal Creatures

Photo credit: martinabecker.de

Otherwise known as the “Tunnel Piper,” this relatively new creeper is said to reside in the underground tunnels and secluded subways of Germany.

This mystic and god-awful ugly creature was first reported recently in 2012; and is said to resemble an evil mole that comes originally from the German U-bahn.

What freaks people out is the eerie whistling sound it makes at night; one that shoots chills down your spine.

Some say it’s like a combination of sorrow and pain, and others feel it’s more like the satanic sound of celebration for a fresh kill of sorts.

For reasons unknown not one person will verify any visual sightings of this complex evil creature, just the unforgettable sound of its piercing scream deep into the night.

Depending who you ask, some people will write off this creature as just wild imagination; others are insistent it’s as real as you and I.

What are your thoughts?

#4 – Rusalka

3 - Rusalka - Paranormal Creatures

Photo credit: masiani.deviantart.com

From Russian mythology there comes the Rusalka.

It is said that when a woman dies in violence because of a perplexed love affair, she will turn into a Rusalka.

Legend says these mystic creatures have each succubus and mermaid mythos; half fish-like and half the ghost of a woman.

This is where it gets evil.

These creatures naturally live in streams and lakes and be warned never to get them angry.

When they are fuming they will murder children, or condemn you to an eternity of hell in nightmares so terrifying some are said to be driven insane.

And for those men foolish enough to succumb to their sexual advances and come for a swim, they will forcefully bring them to ecstasy and at the moment of climax strangle and drown them.

#3 – Cynocephali

2 - Cynocephali - Paranormal Creatures

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

These dog-headed men are apparently a secular race of shapeshifters who are half human and half beastly dogs.

This is where you get into the dark and devilish paranormal world of vampires and other underworld creatures.

These mystical creatures have been reported since back in ancient Greek times, and recently people have reported seeing them in Africa.

What’s scary is the fact these creatures have been seen walking down crowded streets like “normal” human beings, no longer afraid of being seen.

Confidence in this sense can prove deadly.

Worse still, reports show these grotesque creatures stalking joggers, lone women, and even children to and from school.

Peaking in windows is another hobby the Cynocephali seem to enjoy, one that causes terror and fear.

Another interesting fact is when these creatures actually realize they are not fully human, they will freak out, howl wildly and lethally bite anybody near, and then shapeshift and slither away as a snake because they are now afraid.

As if they are cowering away in fear, but not before they announce their deadly intent.

An important message one must never ignore.

#2 – Blemmyes

5 - Blemmyes - Paranormal Creatures

Photo credit: michaelkutsche.deviantart.com

Greek God Herodotus was the first to speak of the myth of Blemmyes; suggesting they lived in mystical ancient Libya.

To look at these headless creatures was gut-wrenching; where a malformed face stared at you from the chest area.

These monsters were more like a vicious caveman than anything else.

Reports say when they were solely meat eaters.

After they captured something they would tear it apart with their hands and savagely eat everything including the bones.

They were said to be very dumb and slow but somehow they were quick when a human or fleshy horse were around.

Only the bravest and most confident would sometimes live to tell their tale.

#1 – Black Bird of Chernobyl

1 - Black Bird of Chernobyl - Paranormal Creatures

Photo credit: northatlanticblog.wordpress.com

The image above is an artist’s depiction of the Black Bird of Chernobyl based on eyewitness descriptions.

Just a few days before the devastating Chernobyl Reactor Meltdown; the environmental disaster that hath no mercy; numerous Ukrainians reported catching sight of an enormous deep black bird.

It had eerie fluorescent glowing red eyes and the body of a chimpanzee or oversized monkey; with a piercing stare that will send waves of terror through your body.

On April 26th when the meltdown took place, rumor has it this black money-type bird took off straight up from the main nuclear emission tower and vanished into a haunting green puff of smoke; like you might picture coming from a witches brew.

And in its sharp claw-like grasp before it disappeared was what looked like the upper body of a human.

Reports say it happened so fast it was hard to be sure, but a handful of eye-witnesses claim to have seen the exact same thing.


You know now of 7 new terrifying paranormal creatures.

Have you ever come across a creature similar to what’s in this list?

What was your experience like?