New Hidden Room Discovered At The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose is, you guessed it, filled with mysteries.

This mansion used to be the home of a lady named Sarah Winchester, who was the widow of William Wirt Winchester.

Updated 2/10/2020 – If you name sounds familiar, it’s because the Winchester Repeating Arms Company is a 150 year old brand that makes firearms, and more recently licenses their brand name.

Their signature rifle is referred to as “The Gun That Won the West.”

Visitors today can visit  the beautiful gardens outside, learn about the histories and mysteries inside, the people who used to life there, and experience a slice of  the Victorian lifestyle, preserved in time.

The widow Sarah Winchester passed away in 1922. She lived there until her death.

She was dealing with the loss of her husband, and her child, and left up to her own devices with millions of dollars in a giant mansion.

Here are some quick facts to highlight the sheer grandiose size of this place.

  • 10,000 windows,
  • 13 bathrooms,
  • 9 kitchens,
  • 40 staircases,
  • 2,000 doors,
  • and countless spirits who are said to inhabit the grounds, as well.

Recently, the crew responsible for maintaining this building has revealed a newly-discovered hidden room in the attic.

This room has been boarded up since before Sarah passed away in 1922.

Could this be where her spirit liked to spend its time?

Sarah was very sensitive to paranormal feelings and occurrences.

During an earthquake in 1906, she became trapped in this room, and then had it boarded up because she believed that spirits in that room were responsible for the earthquake and may have been trying to kill her.

Were any of the many haunted entities reported here in this home that of Sarah herself, or mainly past employees and groundskeepers?

Perhaps we’ll never know, but it’s hard to imagine that this 161th room, which has been sealed from all human contact for over a century, doesn’t hold some type of secrets into the past, and present hauntings of the Winchester Mansion.

Some spirits enjoy interacting with people that are still alive.

They seem to get a kick out of it, or just have a dark force compelling them to terrify visitors.

Others are more shy, and prefer to avoid human contact, so time will tell if there are any negative side-effects to opening up this previously-sealed location that could be a hotbed for supernatural activity.

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