Luling: Are There Malicious Spirits Near the San Marcos River?

The long and winding San Marcos River cuts through many territories of Texas, including a town called Luling.

Starting from the San Marcos Springs, the San Marcos River is home to many endangered and threatened species.

It is also a natural recreational point of interest for various water sports and fishing.

The New Luling Ghost Story

Updated 2/11/2020 – But what most people don’t know is that the San Marcos River is also home to something else…a haunting.

Townsfolk of Luling have begun to avoid the San Marcos, fearing an invisible force that exists somewhere near the riverbank.

This force often leaves visitors feeling uneasy and anxious for no clear reason that they can think of.

When Allen, a Texas paranormal investigator, first caught wind of what was happening in Luling, he wasn’t sure what to make of it.

It could have been paranoia, or something else that could be explained away by science.

All he knew what that the experience had so many residents of the area spooked that he knew he wanted to investigate it firsthand.

“It took me a while, but I finally found the area that been described to me by a few locals,” he said with a nod.

I discovered a few marks in the grass like they had said, but it wasn’t enough to rule out that they had been done by animals.

So, I got to work, setting up trap cameras, an EVP recorder and my EMF detector.

“The sun slowly sank and I was eager to get started on my investigation.

I decided to go down by the riverbank to see if my presence stirred up any kind of activity.

I had been down at the water only a few minutes when I heard several crashes behind me.

The Encounter

 I was so sure that someone was trying to prank me, until I felt something sharp bite my ankle. Another creature had his teeth around my ankle and then just...evaporated.

photo via tumblr

“My three trap cameras had all fallen down.

No—not fallen, because when that happens they manage to stay intact and without a scratch.

But that time…they had been pushed down so forcefully, all three of them had huge cracks down their screens.

“I wasn’t remotely scared.

If anything, I felt like this was evidence that some teenaged punks in the area were playing tricks on people and they loved all the publicity they were receiving.

So I resolved to do all of my work by hand after that.

“Next, I decided to lay flat on the grass and see if anything approached me,” Allen said.

“I started to hear rustling and faint footsteps around me practically the moment I shut my eyes, but when I snapped them open and sat up, nothing would be there.

That’s when I started to think maybe, just maybe, Luling really was haunted.

“The thought had no sooner crossed my mind when I saw something move in my periphery.

It looked like the top of a hat, floating above some knee-high weeds nearby.

Suddenly the hat raised up and underneath it was a small human looking thing, maybe a child, but it’s face was frozen in expression.

“I called out to him, ordering him to show himself, but he darted back into the weeds.

Suddenly, another one appeared, with a different expression, scurrying and whispering in the opposite direction.

I was so sure that someone was trying to prank me, until I felt something sharp bite my ankle.

Another creature had his teeth around my ankle and then just…evaporated.

“It was hands down the creepiest thing I have ever experienced in Luling or anywhere, for that matter,” Allen admitted.

“For some reason, it didn’t even hurt.

I just…noticed it, and then it was gone.

If that makes sense?”


San Marcos River
Luling, TX
United States