10 Most Haunted Hotels in Texas [Warning: Ghosts Inside!]

The ever expansive lone star state is home to many parks, attractions and beautiful hotels to call your home away from home.

But some of those have a dark past—ones that resurface no matter how hard owners and staff try to keep them at bay.

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Texas [Warning: Ghosts Inside!]

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Below are hotels in Texas where you are almost guaranteed to experience terrifying paranormal activity.

Ready to be terrified?

The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in Texas

10) Colonial Hotel – Brownsville, TX

It doesn't look all that fancy from the outside, but if paranormal encounters are what you're after - you're in the right place.

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This charming hotel is said to be severely haunted, especially in Room 101.

It’s been said that many guests have demanded to be placed in another room after having felt ghostly hands grab their feet and legs underneath the covers while they slept.

Rumor has it that another visitor went into hysterics after checking into her hotel room, only to find the bathtub full of water and a crying phantom baby floating on the surface of the water.

9) The Historic Ott Hotel – Liberty, TX

There's just something about historic buildings like the Ott Hotel that attached a certain unwanted type of paranormal guest.

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This 1928 hotel is known for notorious couples.

A few believe that the infamous Bonnie and Clyde still visit the hotel in spirit.

Many others are convinced that the spirits of Anna and Joshua remain after being shot by the same bullet at the hotel in 1930.

Whoever remains, this hotel comes alive at night, with doors that open and shut by themselves, disembodied voices and phantom gunshots.

Recently, a few guests have reported seeing dark figures standing behind them when they look at their reflections through the windows.

8) Queen Isabel Inn – Port Isabel, TX

The Queen Isabel Inn isn't the most breathtaking building on the outside, but it's what allegedly lurks inside that has people making the trip to stay here.

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The Queen Isabel was built in 1906, and is Port Isabel’s oldest hotel.

After a hurricane hit in 1967, a portion of the hotel was remodeled and became a site of paranormal activity.

Since that time visitors have reported hearing disembodied footsteps walking through the halls and around the hotel lobby.

Recently a few guests have felt as though the phantom footsteps were following them into their rooms at night.

7) The Stoneleigh – Dallas, TX

The Stoneleigh has recently changed hands, but spirits don't care what the sign out front says.

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The Stoneleigh was constructed in 1923.

Throughout the years, the bar inside the hotel has become a hotspot for ghosts in the area.

Witnesses report glasses shattering on a regular basis.

Here, apparitions are known for scaring guests by appearing in their rooms, and at the bar late at night.

Some guests have even reported seeing apparitions walk into the hotel elevator and operating it on its own.

Unlike most other haunted hotels, this paranormal activity seems to intensify during thunderstorms.

6) Tarpon Inn – Port Aransas, TX

The Tarpon Inn is well over a hundred years old, and that's plenty of time to accumulate some paranormal guests.

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For this hotel, built in 1886, the paranormal activity seems almost demonic in nature.

A handful of guests have reported seeing mysterious red lights emanating from the crack underneath their bathroom door.

A few others have claimed that they heard deep, disembodied voices speaking to them when they were in the shower.

Perhaps what is most frightening of all, however, is that all of the supernatural occurrences that happen at this hotel occur at 3 AM.

5) Camino Real – El Paso, TX

The Camino Real Hotel just might be one of the most haunting buildings in all of El Paso, but don't take our word for it...

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While no incidents have been officially reported around this 1912 hotel, many guests are convinced it is haunted.

Many visitors have witnessed seeing the apparition of a woman in a white gown, wandering about the hotel’s many halls.

Those who have seen her associate her with a local legend about a woman who checked into the hotel to commit suicide.

Witnesses have said that the ghost woman had severe cuts on her wrist, and sometimes leaves a trail of blood in the hallways.

4) Nutt House Historic Hotel – Granbury, TX

This gorgeous building is home to the Historic Nutt House Hotel, and all of the paranormal baggage that comes along with it.

Photo via: hotels.com

Built in 1893, this limestone clad hotel has a reputation for being haunted that continued to grow throughout the years.

Decades ago, guests started reporting dramatic shifts in temperature scattered throughout the hotel, as well as incidents of hearing disembodied footsteps and the sound of phantom keys.

However, in more recent years, a few guests have begun to report heightened activity in Room 4.

Many believe former owner, Mary Lou Watkins, haunts this room, and is known for crawling into bed with guests as they try to fall asleep.

3) Rogers Hotel – Waxahachie, TX

The Rogers Hotel has earned the #3 spot on our list of the most haunted hotels in Texas because of the numerous ghosts who have been reported there over the years.

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Built in 1856, the beautiful Rogers Hotel has since been converted into an office building.

However, the ghosts still remain.

Years ago, when the hotel was still in operation, an employee was visited by a ghost in period clothing, requesting he visit the boiler room.

Once there, the ghost spoke of an evil presence in that room, and warned the employee to be careful.

After that, it became commonplace for guests and staff to experience voices, footsteps and objects moving of their own accord.

Rumor has it that the friendly ghost was that of a young man who hanged himself in the elevator shaft decades prior.

2) Casa De Palmas Renaissance Hotel – McAllen, TX

The Casa De Palmas Renaissance Hotel is certainly one of the most haunted hotels in all of Texas, no matter who you ask.

Photo credit: marriott.com

This 1918 hotel is said to be haunted by two female apparitions who terrify everyone who sees them.

Clad in black veils, the apparitions have skin that resembles burnt charcoal in texture.

They are known for appearing in front of guests in the hotel stairwells, then trapping them inside.

Former employees have reported seeing the ghost of an elderly woman in the basement.

They are convinced that after seeing her, the woman likes to torment them by calling their desk phones and singing a mournful tune.

1) Camberley Gunter Hotel – San Antonio, TX

This historic building has a rich history, and you can experience parts of that history first hand - if you're brave or foolish enough.

Photo credit: ghosthunting-san-antonio.blogspot.com

The Camberley officially became a hotel in 1909.

Decades passed without incident until one day during the 60s, a maid supposedly walked into one of the rooms to find it covered with blood.

Legend has it that a woman was murdered by an unknown man in the room.

Now the hotel is haunted by her apparition, who has been seen wandering from room to room by walking through the walls.

A few guests who have stayed in the room where she was murdered have reported waking up to seeing blood splattered all over their room…that is, until they turn on the lights.


Staying at a hotel may be a pleasant change of pace, but one must always keep in mind the many lives of people who were there before you.

Not all of them died peacefully, and some may wish you harm.