The Paranormal Entities Freaking Travelers on Creek Road

From ghosts to a charred creature and all the way to a European vampire, Creek Road in Ojai is a haunted ground like no other in California.

Many travelers passing through have been terrorized by its resident paranormal entities, opting for longer routes the next time they travelled.

If there was a next time, that is.

If you’re adamant on exploring this eerie road, take the necessary precautions for the following famous ghosts and ghouls of Creek Road.

The Paranormal Entities Freaking Travelers on Creek Road

Photo credit right: flickr/fat-freddies-cat

The Bloody Bride

Photo credit: flickr/miedo

Photo credit: flickr/miedo

Updated 2/10/2020 – One of the main spooks haunting Camp Comfort County Park along Creek Road is that of the Bloody Bride.

According to witnesses, she’s a tall, slim girl with light brown hair who’s eternally clad in a bloody wedding dress and a veil covering her face.

Legend has it that she was murdered on her wedding day, possibly at the hands of her greedy new husband who wanted her dowry.

If you come across an entity that fits this description and she tries hitching a ride, DON’T STOP.

The Spectral Horsewoman

Headless Horsewoman

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Another female ghost, the spectral horsewoman is seen re-enacting her death every year on its anniversary.

Witnesses have seen her horse get spooked by a snake, throwing its rider off to her demise.

Unfortunately, there are no records of her in the county.

The Headless Motorcyclist

Headless Biker on motorcycle

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In the 1950s, a man met his death while trying to pass a truck on the narrow turns of Creek Road.

The unlucky biker was decapitated by a steal beam that dislodged from the truck bed.

However, he didn’t die alone.

As the accident happened suddenly, the motorcycle continued on, startling the driver and giving him a heart attack.

Till this day, the headless motorcyclist is searching for his head.

Just steer out of his way as he won’t be too happy to see someone with their head attached.

Char Man

Char Man on fire

Photo credit: Shlomi Nissim

The most famous ghost/creature in town, Char Man has been haunting Creek Road for almost a century.

The stories of the origin of this grotesque spirit vary.

One of these is that of a father and son.

During the fire of 1948, they suffered horrible burns.

Unfortunately, the father passed away before help could arrive.

As for the son, he lost his mind.

By the time rescue workers arrived, he had skinned the burned flesh off his father and hung his remains in a nearby tree.

After escaping to the woods, the son became Char Man.

The second accepted origin story is that of a brave fire fighter suffered extreme burns after being pinned in by the same 1948 forest.

Disfigured and burned, he ran into the woods and was never seen again.

Aside from these two, the police came up with the story of an elderly man with a bad case of skin cancer.

The man’s face and arm were disfigured and badly deformed, which is why he chose to walk his dogs very late at night or very early in the morning.

Regardless of how Char Man came to existence, he’s one of the scariest paranormal entities on the road.

His black, burned skin hangs in cooked stripped from his skull, reeking of burning flesh.

You may come across him if you dare to walk near or on the Creek Road Bridge.

However, he’ll definitely pop out and attack you if you yell “Help me! Help Me!” on the bridge.

Despite what you believe, you should never challenge the paranormal as it will retaliate.

Also, remember to have a friend in the passenger seat and rid yourself of negative vibes, especially since the latter can make you a target to the hidden evils lurking in the dark.