Dead Clown Haunts the Wakulla Suites Hotel in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, Florida is home to a little slice of paradise known as the Wakulla Suites Hotel.

Many vacationers come to this resort for the pool, the fun and the white sandy beaches.

But an unfortunate few have had strange paranormal encounters that they had to share.

The Unknown Suicide in Cocoa Beach

Updated 2/10/2020 – A few guests have had paranormal experiences at this hotel and believe Wakulla is haunted.

Rumor has it that the hotel was once the site of a disheartening suicide.

It’s said that several years ago, a man in his late 60s checked into the hotel with high hopes.

Long time entertainer, the man had successfully managed to be hired for a huge celebration down at the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Dressing as a clown for celebrations had never made him rich, but the impending gig was sure to ease his financial woes.

An hour after he had checked into Wakulla, it is said he received a telephone message from the concierge.

The Cocoa Beach Pier was no longer in need of a clown.

Distraught and overwhelmed by his financial burdens, the man took one of his belts and hung himself in the closet of his hotel room.

The Red Balloon

What will you do when you come face to face with your most sinister fears?


Many years have passed, and hundreds of Wakulla guests have enjoyed their stay, free from any paranormal strife.

But for Kevin and his daughter, it would be a vacation from Hell.

“When Miranda, my daughter, first refused to store her suitcase in the closet, I thought she was just being a stubborn child,” Kevin shrugged good naturedly.

“After I kept insisting, she finally stomped her foot, looked up at me and said, ‘Daddy, I don’t like that closet, something bad happened there.’

It was a strange thing for her to stay, but at that point I was so exasperated I didn’t question it.

“I just shoved our suitcases inside the closet and told her to get dressed for the pool.

When we returned to our room a few hours later, there was a shiny, red balloon tied around the handle of the closet,” he said.

“’Look what the staff left for you!’ I told Miranda, and tried to give her the balloon.

She stared at it for a moment, then looked back at the closet and promptly started crying, Kevin sighed.

Again, I didn’t think anything of it…children often get tired from traveling and I figured she just needed a nap.

“I coaxed her to lay down while I tidied up the room.

After she fell asleep I figured she would be hungry when she woke up, so I went to the vending machine.

I wasn’t gone for more than five minutes when I returned to our room and stood in shock.

“Our room was covered in hundreds of red balloons, and Miranda was sitting upright in bed sobbing,” he shook his head.

’Honey…who did this, who came into the room?’ I demanded.

“’No one,’ Miranda said through her sobs.

‘It was the scary man in the closet!’

“’Sweetie, there’s nobody in the closet,’ I reassured her and I yanked the closet door open.

I expected to see just our suitcases inside, but instead I found a belt, wrapped like a noose around the rod,” Kevin said, shaking his head in disbelief.