Move To These 7 Small Towns In Texas If You Love The Paranormal

Ready for a permanent vacation and interested living somewhere a bit more “adventurous” and on the paranormal side?

Look no further than these small, charming towns in good old fashioned Texas.

Move To These 7 Small Towns In Texas If You Love The Paranormal

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Whether you’re on the hunt for history, or you want to experience a unique adventure, these seven, lesser known gems are sure to deliver.

Be sure to scope out of each of these towns after dark…strange things have been known to happen in each of them.

7 Small Texas Towns That Are Perfect For Paranormal Lovers

7) Luckenbach, TX

In Texas and looking for something scary? Make sure you visit Luckenbach.


If you’re in search of the smallest small towns possible, then you need to make a stop at Luckenbach.

All the town is comprised of is a general store, a post office and a dance hall.

Don’t be fooled, however…

Luckenbach has a lot of spirit.

Why else would one of their three buildings be a dance hall?

You can always catch an event or a musician performing here, even when it seems like nobody else is around.

Some people come for the dancing…but other people come for the energy vortex that is said to linger just inside the border of town.

We had a chat with a real psychic who told us this vortex has been known to make passersby have a severe lapse in time and/or a state of temporary amnesia.

6) Granbury, TX

Don't want to visit the dinosaurs in Granville, Texas? Perhaps a visit with the ghost of one of the most notorious outlaws will pique your interest instead.


Interested in the Texas Revolution?

You can learn all about it in Granbury, including a notorious history of outlaws.

Many folks in town are sure that Jesse James himself is buried in Granbury.

Dinosaur World is a fantastic attraction for young children, and the adults might be interested in touring Revolver Brewery—a large, up and coming microbrewery in town.

In between fishing and boating on the lake, consider taking a ghost tour at the Nutt House.

But be careful…chances are you just may encounter the thin, shadow man that people have been spotting standing in their front lawns late at night.

5) Seymour, TX

Take a walk through downtown Seymour, Texas and try to imagine what it looked like 150 years ago.


If you have even a passing interest in paleontology, you don’t want to miss Seymour.

Those who work at the Whiteside Museum of Natural History downtown all agree that Seymour is the best place to dig up animal bones, especially small reptiles.

In fact, there is a sub-species of lizard named after the town, called Seymoria.

But animal bones aren’t the only haunting thing about Seymour…

A couple communities in town have recently become convinced that Seymour is where extraterrestrials come to observe us humans, and absorb data.

These townsfolk are certain they have seen a few UFOs flying over town during the early hours of the morning.

4) Fredricksburg, TX

Fredricksburg has some tasty small-town restaurants, or take a walk down the quieter streets and maybe you'll see something strange.


Are you dying to immerse yourself in nature?

Explore the town of Fredricksburg.

Here, you can enjoy a sunny afternoon picking peaches out in the orchards.

Or explore the many Texas flowers and plants at Wildseed Farms.

If you want to learn a little more about history, be sure to check out the National Museum of the Pacific War as well.

Recently, some folks in town have begun to insist that the town has become the home of a horrific looking creature that resembles both a goat and a human.

A handful of people have reported seeing the thing standing on their neighbor’s roof a couple of times each week.

3) Liberty, TX

Liberty is a haunted little town in Texas, so watch your back.


In the mood for music? Drive on over to Liberty.

At the Liberty Opry house, there are all kinds of diverse musical events and performances.

They even have a regular comedy show for those interested.

Those who are interested in architecture will also really enjoy Liberty.

The town has many historical homes, originally built in the 1800s.

One of its many gems is a full sized replica of the Governor’s Mansion.

According to a certified California psychic, you shouldn’t be afraid of the rumors about the replica being haunted.

The spirit, which is said to take on the form of an inquisitive young girl, is friendly towards the living.

2) Archer City, TX

Archer City, ever been there? We reckon it's one of the 10 most haunted towns in Texas, at the very least.


If someone in your family enjoys literature, you might consider taking them to Archer City.

This unassuming and quaint town is where renowned author Larry McMurtry grew up.

Archer City is also home to two spectacular bookstores, that are sure to have a rare edition of your favorite novel, or a wonderful gift for a fellow bookworm.

Archer City is also known for two other things: a haunting and an extremely young mayor.

In 2014, an eighteen year old high school student was voted as the town’s mayor.

In addition to this, an elderly couple have recently spoken out about seeing a series of robed figures standing on the border of town.

Some of them have been seen carrying torches.

Everyone has been too afraid to approach the figures to understand who—or what—they are.

1) Wimberley, TX

There's an exceptionally haunted creek in Wimberley, Texas.

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Wimberley is the place for music and beautiful scenery.

Situated in the lush green hills of the Texas countryside, Wimberley has a concert event literally every Friday night.

It’s called the Bluegrass Jam, and is a gathering of bluegrass musicians and enthusiasts in a large, empty parking lot.

Want to take in more of the beautiful surroundings?

Be sure to check out Blue Hole.

Blue Hole is a swimming hole in the middle of a beautiful park.

Lounge in the refreshing waters under large cypress trees, and enjoy the splendor.

Be sure to explore this wonderful town during the daylight hours…

A couple of year-round residents have started to believe that a demonic spirit has recently made Wimberley home, and has refused to leave.

Have you lived in any of these towns?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.