Mysterious Ghost Sightings at the Yamashiro Restaurant

If you’re looking for a bite to eat in the Los Angeles area, Yamashiro restaurant is a good place to start.

Mysterious Ghost Sightings at the Yamashiro Restaurant

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Updated 2/10/2020 – The 95 year old hotspot is famous for its Japanese cuisine, it’s breathtaking décor, having one of the most exquisite views of L.A., and of course for its frequent sighting of paranormal activity.

This landmark in Hollywood Hills was created in 1914 by two brothers, Charles and Adolf Bernheimer.

The brothers wanted to create a mansion that resembled a palace in the Yamashiro Mountains near Kyoto, Japan.

Their vision was brought to life with the construction of the luxurious family home.

The mansion has 10 rooms, housing various Japanese and Chinese ancient artifacts and features beautiful outside gardens.

Surprisingly, the brothers also openly admitted that no women would be allowed inside the home as an invited guest.

The fruits of their labor were shortly enjoyed.

Charles died in 1923 and Adolph moved shortly after.

Ironically the mansion was occupied with many Buddhist relics, and perhaps the brothers’ karmic misfortune was brought on by their sexist past actions.

The mansion was then converted into a brothel in the 1940s, and then as a makeshift hotel.

Weeping ghost woman

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After a much needed restoration, the mansion was transformed into a restaurant where it still stands today.

Because of its lavish landscaping, it is a popular place to hold weddings.

Although the Yamashiro is now a decadent Hollywood eatery, the haunting feeling of the past in the air cannot be escaped.

The restaurant is known to harbor significant paranormal activity.

One of the most prominent sighting is that of a weeping woman that frequently appears inside the bridal room on the second floor.

She is said to be constantly crying, but when the door is opened the room is of course empty.

One of the managers of the Yamashiro was said to hear weeping from the room.

When he went up to investigate the weeping has stopped, but no one on the floor was seen.

The manager returned with a security guard, who could also hear the weeping.

Upon entering the room again however, no one could be found.

There have also been sightings of the weeping woman’s silhouette from the garden outside.

The workers have stated that while attending to the garden, they can see a woman’s outline in the bridal room.

When going up to the room to investigate however, the room would be completely empty.

It is often theorized that the weeping woman was one of the working girls when the Yamashiro was a brothel.

Forced to sell her body, she could have committed suicide, and her spirit still lingers in the mansion consumed by sadness and confusion.

What have you experienced at Yamashiro?