Your True Nightmare: Blood Albinos of Hicks Road

Dionne Warwick once asked if you (the listener to her song) knew the way to San Jose.

The truth is, there are a number of roads that lead into and out of that particular area, but only one of them is likely to give you the kind of creeps that could send you packing for another area – say, Baltimore.

Your True Nightmare: Blood Albinos of Hicks Road

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Updated 9/19/2019 – Hicks Road runs through the county, dodging in and out of populated areas, and in some places cutting through vast swaths of nothing.

On a moonlit night in one of the most barren stretches, this road is lonely, eerie in its silence as it gives up the day’s heat in a slow crawling invisible shimmer.

And if you happen to be passing through, the best advice you can take is to just keep on going until you reach the relative safety of civilization.

And maybe don’t look out your side windows; you might see something that would haunt your dreams for the rest of your life.

Or worse.

San Jose Nightmare Come True: The Blood Albinos of Hicks Road

Scary legends in San Jose say that blood albinos live in this area...

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Local scary legends refer to them as the Blood Albinos.

Pale, ghostly beings who descend from the dark nothing upon unsuspecting travelers, shrieking wraiths with eyes of a red so dark that in the nighttime they could be nothing but black holes leading into an infinite universe of terror.

Their wail is said to be bone-chilling, and so far there hasn’t been a witness who wasn’t driven away from this lonely section of road screaming himself or herself hoarse.

Who are these foul creatures of the night, and why are they so hell-bent (pardon the expression) on chasing people away from this section of Hicks Road, as if it is their territory?

Those who are close enough to see the Blood Albinos generally don’t take the time to investigate further, if rumors are to be believed.

Some say this is just one of California’s famous urban legends.

However, experts in the multifarious paranormal fields have taken a long, hard look at this phenomenon, and there are a more than a few theories floating around.

Urban Legend Or Something More Sinister?

Legendary Albino of Hicks Road in San Jose

Photo credit: tumblr/spookymrsboo

“It’s quite likely,” says one psychic, “that these are echos of some former territorial band of people, who at one time lived in the region.

Why they should present as albinos seems obvious to me – they’re not albinos, they’re ghosts, and people see them as ectoplasm.”

Other experts are not so sure.

One, a Harvard graduate who is currently traveling the country researching a book on the paranormal, stated that he believed them to not only be albinos, but also that they are in fact real flesh-and-blood creatures.

“I wouldn’t be surprised at all,” he says, “if these things exist in that area alone in the world, perhaps the last vestiges of some dying race of creatures from another world, or another dimension.

Maybe they’re not even that dissimilar to us, except for their basic nature.”

I ask him what he means by this.

“Oh,” he says, shaking his head a little bit.

“Whatever they are, they’re pure, unadulterated evil.”

So he believes, and so most people who have actually come face-to-face with the shrieking albino creatures believe.

It remains to be seen what might happen to a person if he or she didn’t flee in terror at the sight and sound of these creatures.

Then again, perhaps it’s already happened, and we just don’t know about it because that person was never found.

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