The Mystery of Arcadia’s Poltergeist

History is filled with numerous paranormal incidents that remain unsolved to this day.

As much as you would love to travel back in time to revisit those moments, the only way to truly immerse in these is through words from yours truly and the people who went through them.

One of such incidents is the Arcadia poltergeist attack back in 1976.

The Mystery of Arcadia’s Poltergeist

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What Happened

Updated 2/10/2020 – In May 1976, right around Memorial Day, rocks of varying sizes were lifted off the ground by an unseen entity, hitting people and damaging windows and cars.

This continued on and off for three months, stopping around Labor Day in September that year.

The strange occurrence was supposedly covered by the LA Times over the span of six weeks and even Duke University thoroughly investigated it.

However, like the police, who were pelted by the rocks as well, the university refrains from commenting on this story now.

As for the published series, you will need to look it up in a local library or the LA library as the 1976 LA Times newspapers haven’t been digitized.

Why It Happened

The Mystery of Arcadia’s Poltergeist in California

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According to one of the residents, the attack was targeting one of the families there.

In fact, every time she was at their home or driving with them, pebbles, rocks and even boulders would pellet them.

One Saturday night my family went over to their house for a BBQ, we were all outside around dusk when it started raining small pebbles.

I clearly remember my father and his friend searching the streets surrounding the house for teenagers possibly throwing these pebbles.

The police were even called. Nothing ever turned up.

This went on for weeks, windows were broke out and it even rained rocks at my house one time when they were over visiting.

Even odder we all piled into a car and were driving to the store when it began raining rocks on the car, where ever we drove.

As the weeks went on the pebbles turned into rocks, the rocks into boulders, the boulders into concrete slabs.

The windows to their home had been broke and replaced so many times they finally gave up and covered the windows with sheets of plywood.

One night after bowling we all headed over to their home.

I remember by this time being frightened to be at their house.

My dad and his friend had a few beers at bowling and were feeling pretty good.

The friend got on the top of his roof and yelled “Come on, hit me now!!”

I swear on everything that I am a Big Rock came down from the sky, angled itself, so that it could smack him straight in the head.”

Duke University further pinpointed that it was their 16-year-old daughter who was attracting the poltergeist with her energy.

However, as the university wrapped up its investigation, the rocks stopped as well.

What do you think Arcadia’s Poltergeist wanted?

Was it just a random haunting or was there a purpose to this all?

Tells us in the comments below.