Disturbing Ghostly Activity At The Tradewind Airport

A long time ago the Tradewind Airport, located out of Amarillo, Texas, once operated as a private hangar.

Many people stored their private planes at this hangar, including a couple who no longer had a happy, stable marriage.

The man slowly acquired a mistress and would meet with her in secret all over Amarillo.

The Former Private Amarillo Airport

Updated 2/11/2020 – One of the places they often met was at Tradewind Airport.

Watching her husband come home late night after night, the wife began to suspect he was having an affair.

Fed up, the wife one day decided to follow her husband.

She watched him sneak into the private hangar and followed him.

Inside she found him with his mistress.

Distraught that her suspicions were confirmed, the woman quickly stabbed both her husband and his mistress.

Seeing them lying in a pool of blood, the wife then stabbed herself and bled out on the hangar floor.

Today, Tradewind is now a public airport and many employees are convinced that it is haunted.

One former employee, who has requested to remain anonymous, has come forward with his experiences at Tradewind.

Love Turned Awry

“I worked at the airport during the early 90s,” the man began.

“As one of the newest employees, I got last pick of my shifts, and would often have to work nights.

Part of my job entailed airport security, so I’d drive to each hangar and make sure it was properly locked up for the night.

“I remember that it was a Tuesday night—a slow night for most airports—and I was just finishing up my round when I heard voices.

One was male and one was female, and they sounded really angry.

So I walked into the hangar and turned on the overhead lights.

“I found it strange that they were arguing in the dark…and then I realized that nobody was actually in the hangar,” the man said, frowning.

I thought that it might have been a radio that somebody left on, so I walked around the entire hangar, and none of the radios or CD players had been left on.

As I made it one corner of the hangar, the air around me suddenly turned very cold, almost as if I had walked into a freezer.

“Out of nowhere the female voice grew very loud and echoed across the ceiling.

I stood very still as I began to feel something strange against my back,” the man said, reaching behind him to tap between his shoulder blades.

“It felt almost as if someone had put a sharp nail or something right against my skin.

“As I stood there, breathing heavily, I began to see something from out of the corner of my eye.

It was very faint, but it appeared to be a human, crawling around on the ground,” the man shuttered.

I took a deep breath and turned to face whatever was there—but it was gone, as quickly as it had appeared.

“The combination of events really creeped me out, and I hastened out of there as quickly as I could.

I worked at that Amarillo airport for a few years afterward, and I always checked that hangar out as quickly as I possible could.”