10 Most Haunted Hotels in Florida [Warning: Ghosts Inside!]

When one thinks about Florida, pristine beaches, romantic hotels, glamorous cities, and yearly family vacations often come to mind.

What most people don’t consider is that Florida is home to many spirits—a majority of which can be found in hotels all around the state.

10 Most Haunted Hotels in Florida [Warning: Ghosts Inside!]

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Many hotels have been studied and the ones below are considered to be the most haunted in all of Florida.

You have been warned…

The Ten Most Haunted Hotels in Florida

10) Chelsea House Hotel – Key West, FL

Locals have been known to try to avoid this place, but there's always a brave tourist willing to see what they find at the Chelsea House Hotel in Key West.

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This hotel was established at the turn of the twentieth century.

Many visitors of Key West refuse to stay here, as it is said to be haunted by a man in Room 18.

Those who have seen the man in the room believe it is the spirit of a gentlemen who was murdered by his wife.

A few report that while seeing the apparition, they can also hear the phantom sounds of his former wife, screaming at him in rage.

9) Casa Marina Hotel – Jacksonville, FL

Casa Marina Hotel has been used for various different things through the years, but anytime an old building has had so many people living there and staying there, there's always certain entities that refuse to check-out.

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The Casa Marina first opened as a hotel in 1925.

After being converted into an apartment complex for eight years, it has been established as a hotel once more.

Watch your step if you visit this hotel…many guests have reported a trickster ghost has made the hotel its home.

Many claim the ghost has tripped them when they try to walk up the main staircase.

Furthermore, a few visitors have reported that the prankster spirit will rearrange their belongings at night, while they are asleep.

8) Old Carrabelle Hotel – Carrabelle, FL

When a big storm took out many neighboring buildings, the spirits needed a place to stay. They came to the Old Carrabelle Hotel.

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This picturesque bed and breakfast opened in 1880.

In the early 1900s, the area was hit by a violent cyclone that wiped out a majority of the surrounding town.

While the hotel survived, many guests believe it is now haunted by spirits who perished in the storm.

Rumor has it that running footsteps are often heard on the front porch.

If guests leave their windows open at night, they can hear ghosts knocking on the front door, as if they were seeking refuge from the storm.

7) Hotel DeFuniak – DeFuniak Springs, FL

Guests of Hotel DeFuniak have reported hearing children singing nursery rhymes in the middle of the night. Chilling.

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This 1920s bed and breakfast is known to have a haunted suite.

Many guests have reported that Room 8 is haunted by two young children.

A few have claimed to have heard the children singing nursery rhymes in the middle of the night.

And if said guests include a child, they will often find their toys soaking wet, and mysteriously placed under the bed upon waking.

A few believe the two children were drowned by their mother in the bathroom.

6) The Colony Hotel – Delray Beach, FL

The story goes that the former owners of The Colony Hotel were shot by a guest, and sometimes you can still hear the gunshots ringing out in the middle of the night.

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The Colony opened up in 1926.

Rumor has it that the hotel was once owned by a couple who were shot to death when a man refused to pay for his room.

Many believe the couple now haunt their former hotel.

Guests have reported hearing two phantom gunshots late on Friday nights.

As the sound rings through the air, the lights above often pulsate with the noise.

Recently a few visitors have claimed to see shadowy figures, standing behind the desk as they go to check into the hotel.

5) Casa Monica Hotel – St. Augustine, FL


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Once named The Cordova, this historic hotel first opened in 1887.

While most staff members do not like to discuss the hotel’s many ghosts, many visitors have reported numerous experiences.

It has been said that if one goes to the lobby of the hotel and puts on waltz music late at night, a few dozen spirits, clad in 1920s attire, will appear and begin to dance with each other around the room.

4) Hotel Indigo – St. Petersburg, FL

You'll hear different things about Hotel Indigo depending on who you ask, but most can agree it is the most haunted hotel in St Petersburg, FL.

Photo credit: flickr/Don Buboltz

First opened as the Martha Washington Hotel in 1926, a renovation done in 1987 has seemed to awaken the spirit of a little girl.

Many reports have come in of the little girl skipping around on the third floor landing.

One visitor has said that his daughter befriended the ghost girl during their vacation, and that he saw the dead girl in his daughter’s room for a month following their stay.

The ghost reappeared back at the hotel once the man commanded she leave his daughter alone.

3) Biltmore Hotel – Coral Gables, FL

Some believe the paranormal entities here found their way inside Biltmore Hotel while the building was used as a hospital during World War 2.

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The Biltmore was converted into a temporary hospital during World War II.

It went back to being a hotel shortly after the war, but a few dead soldiers have remained behind.

Many visitors believe the soldiers who haunt the hotel died due to blood loss, since they have said they experienced visions of seeing bloody soldiers being wheeled into the hotel to have their arms and legs amputated.

Others claimed to have found medical tools randomly placed amongst their toiletries.

2) Jameson Inn – Crestview, FL

The Jameson Inn is a large, old building with a long history of alleged hauntings.

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While the Jameson was only built in 2000, this hotel was supposedly haunted from the get-go.

Several guests have reported seeing the apparition of man, lingering by the elevators, as if he needed to be someplace.

One more unfortunate visitor stated that he woke up to a chill in the middle of the night.

As he pulled the covers around him, he discovered that a bloody headless woman was in his bed.

The woman slowly got up, walked past his bedside, and through the wall into the next room.

1) Coombs House Inn – Apalachicola, FL

When Coombs House Inn was built in the early 1900s, it was known as the most elegant properly in the area. Now, it's known as one of the most haunted buildings in all of Florida.

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The Coombs House Inn was originally a private residence, built in 1905.

When the house was severely damaged by a fire in 1911, Mr. and Mrs. Coombs each died less than a month later—many believe due to heartbreak.

The house was later converted into a hotel, where Mr. and Mrs. Coombs still wander around in spirit.

Many guests have reported having chronic nightmares of fire during their stay after seeing the apparitions of the couple.

They also report that when they wake up their rooms smell of smoke and they feel like they cannot breathe.


Whether the beach or a major attraction is your motive for visiting Florida, one should always conduct research on where you wish to stay.

You never know when the hotel you selected is home to dangerous and terrifying spirits.