Bowling Green Man Fears Ghost at Hardee Correctional Institution

The Hardee Correctional Institution in Bowling Green is not for the faint of heart.

Bowling Green Man Fears Ghost at Hardee Correctional Institution

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Updated 2/10/2020 – This high level security prison is home to thieves and murderers alike, serving their time for the crimes they committed.

But what most people don’t realize is that prisons are the very places that are likely to become haunted.

The Roughest Men in Bowling Green

Hundreds of angry souls are trapped and confined together in a very small space, and when one of them dies, it’s very likely that their end was quite violent in nature.

The Hardee Correctional Institution is one facility that has developed a reputation for being haunted.

And today, one anonymous inmate has come forward to speak about the haunting.

You don’t need to identify yourself, but I will ask how long your sentence is at Hardee.

“Approximately fifteen years, ma’am,” replied X the inmate.

“And I still have many more years to go.”

And you experienced paranormal activity while in prison?

“I have partially yes, but most of the experiences happened to my cellmate.

“When I first met him a few years ago, he claimed he was a sensitive or some bull crap like that.

“At first all I thought was that I had some weak sissy as a cellmate, ya know?

“But regardless, you spend a lot of time locked up in a cage every day, and if you don’t make nice with your cellmate, you ain’t got nobody, ya know?

“So we started talking, exchanging stories….and he started telling me details about my life I ain’t never told nobody,” X said, shaking his head.

“I got real mad at first, and threw him against the wall, demanding where he read my files and shit.

“But he just looked me straight in the eye, as small as a mouse, and told me that he never read no files—he just had a gift.

“I demanded he prove it, and, I kid you not, he did.

“He started telling me stories and experiences about my life, about my childhood that I never shared with anybody,” X said, marveling.

“It was like he was reading about my life from a book, you know what I’m saying?

“Anyway, we became close friends after that…

“And then one night I woke up to him crying and whimpering on the bunk below mine.”

Attack on the Sensitive

“’No, please don’t take me…. please, I will do anything, just don’t take me, I’m not ready!’ he cried and stared at the bars of our cell.

“I asked him who the heck he was talking to, but all he did was cry for a few minutes.

“Then he suddenly stood up and grabbed the collar of my uniform in his hands.

“’Listen to me…there are…things here, things normal people can’t see,’ he sobbed.

‘But I see them and they are everywhere, and they said they are going to drag me to hell for what I have done.’

“I told him he was trippin’ and to stop doing so many drugs, but he was serious about what he said.

“Listen to me!

You spend a lot of time with me…eventually they will be visible to you and on that day you will wish you were never born,’ he whispered, then crawled back onto his bunk still whimpering.

“I thought the whole thing was ridiculous, until a few months later…

Many people have reported strange things happening to them in prison. The mind does weird things to cope with tough times, but that doesn't mean those things didn't actually happen.

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“I woke up to him screaming and crying from the corner of our cell.

“Throwing my blankets off, I leaped off the bed and asked if he was okay…

“But when I turned to face the outside of our cell…

I saw them.

“We were surrounded by these shadowy apparitions, walking and hovering right outside of our cell.

“I couldn’t see their faces, but whatever they were scared the hell out of me,” X shook his head and stared at the floor.

“In unison they all lifted their left hand and pointed at my cellmate.

“And he just lost it, ma’am…he just lost it.

“He started to bash his head against the brick wall, screaming that he wouldn’t let them take him over and over again.

“I eventually got him to stop, but not before he had suffered severe trauma to his skull.

“He has since been transferred to a mental institution,” X murmured.

“And all I do is pray that I remain alive to get out of Bowling Green a free man.”