Ghost in Bloody Dress at Victorian Pitkin Estate in Arroyo Grande

If you and your friends decide to have a horror movie marathon, chances are at least one or more of the films selected feature a child ghost.

Ghost in Bloody Dress at Victorian Pitkin Estate in Arroyo Grande

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Updated 2/10/2020 – What is it about dead children that we find so freaky? Is it their ghastly appearance or the simple paradigm that children are innocent creatures?

Alice of the Tower in Arroyo Grande

Many Arroyo Grande residents believe the girl, called Alice, who is said to haunt the Victorian Pitkin Estate is a sweet tempered ghost and is fond of cats.

But James and his wife Victoria recently attended a wedding at the beautiful estate, and say that anybody who thinks the ghost girl named Alice is sweet is in for a brutal awakening.

Why don’t you tell us about your experience, James?

“It was last summer, and it was the day of my best friend’s wedding.

The Victorian Pitkin used to be a hotel, but now it is exclusively used for wedding ceremonies,” he explained.

“It’s crazy expensive, but his fiancé really wanted to get married there.

Happy wife, happy life, right?” he laughed.

“My buddy’s brother was his best man, and I was helping him out as a fellow groomsman, making sure all of the little details were taken care of.

I was outside in the garden helping guests to their seats when my friend’s fiancé’s mother comes running up to me in a panic.”

When Duty Turns Into A Nightmare…

When you're expecting to see something familiar, any slight deviation can throw you off - now imagine if you're expecting a flower girl, but you encounter a girl covered in blood.

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“She had forgotten to give her daughter this silk blue handkerchief to tuck into her dress before the ceremony.

She asked if I would please find where the bridesmaids were finishing getting ready and hand it over.

So I grabbed it and went into the house.

“I’m guessing you’ve never been in there, but there are so many rooms and stairwells, it’s insane,” James laughed, shaking his head.

I feel like I knocked on every door on every story but nobody was answering.

I reached the top of the staircase and I assumed that they were in the tower part of the house, since I hadn’t found them anywhere else,” he shrugged.

“I opened the door and instead of seeing the bride in white, I saw a girl in white facing the window.

’Hey, are you the flower girl?’

I asked her.

But I quickly realized my mistake the moment she turned around.

What do you mean?

“The girl had blood all down the front of her dress,” James explained.

I would have assumed she had hurt herself, but she was sporting a deranged looking smile.

I stumbled backward through the door and half tumbled my way down the steps.

I finally ran into a bridesmaid and gave her the blue handkerchief…

“But I felt as though I were in a terrified daze as I made it back onto the lawn.

When the ceremony began ten minutes later, I had already convinced myself that the heat of the day was just playing tricks on me and that I had imagined the whole thing,” James nodded.

“But something compelled me to look up at the tower window and when I did, the little girl was there.

She just stood there in her bloody gown, still giving me that incredibly creepy smile,” James shuddered.

Evil exists in Arroyo Grande…and it lives in the Victorian Pitkin house.”


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