Death Prophecies From the Ghost Light of Frostproof

The small town of Frostproof, Florida may not have much in the way of entertainment…but it does have its own local legend.

Dating back to the mid 1950s, townsfolk of Frostproof have reported seeing a mysterious and unexplainable light hovering over Bereah Road.

Death Prophecies From the Ghost Light of Frostproof


Updated 2/10/2020 – Residents claim that if you drive to the intersection of Bereah and Country Line Road on a hot, dry night, a floating light will suddenly appear near your car.

The Frostproof Phenomenon

Skeptics argue that the light is just reflected highlights, or phosphorous gas…but neither of these theories explains why the light seems to follow cars as they continue down the road.

For Jasmine, a local teen, the idea of hunting down the ghost light was, admittedly, not a favorable one.

“I had wanted to go to the movies that night, but my boyfriend, Jack, had just heard about the light for the first time and was positively dying to track it down,” she recalled.

“I wasn’t at all excited, but he was new in town and we hadn’t been dating that long…

“I grew up hearing about the ghost lights so it wasn’t that enthralling to me, but I wanted him to have a fun evening.

“He drove us out there in his dad’s big old boat of a Cadillac.

“We got to the intersection of Bereah, and Country Line, parked the car and waited,” she said.

“It felt like we sat there for hours waiting for something—anything–to happen.

“We were laughing about something stupid when Jack suddenly turned to look down the road and grew quiet.”

His Terrifying Vision

“’Look…’ he whispered, and seemed completely transfixed.

“I peered out over the windshield, but I didn’t see anything in the darkness.

“’Jack, I don’t see anything,’ I murmured.

‘It’s coming.’

“It seemed like a weird thing for him to say, but sure enough in less than a minute a muted white light appeared ahead of us on the road,” Jasmine said, moving her arm outward.

“It moved in a non-linear way, so I knew instantly that it wasn’t a headlight.

“I found it eerily beautiful as it gracefully made its way closer to us…

“But Jack began to breathe heavily in the seat next to me.

“’Oh no…no,’ he whispered over and over again, staring with wide eyes at the approaching light.

“’Jack, what’s up, what’s wrong?’

I demanded, but it didn’t seem like he could hear me.

“Jack continued to twist around in his seat and pant.

How far are you willing to go down a creepy forest path before turning around and running away?


“’The light was very close to the Cadillac when Jack threw his hands up over his eyes and screamed, ‘no, don’t show me, don’t show me!’”

“The ghost light started to dissolve—just as Jack threw open the car door and ran off into the distance, sobbing.

“I ran after him, but he was so fast, I lost him in the darkness within a manner of a minute,” Jasmine sighed, running a ran through her hair.

“It wasn’t until an hour when I found him, huddled and crying underneath a bush.

“When I asked him what he had seen, he just muttered ‘death…death…’ over and over again.

“He requested to transfer to a different county for school, and I never saw him in Frostproof after that night.”


Bereah Road
Frostproof, FL
United States