Robert the Doll: The Terror of Key West

Ever heard of Robert the Doll?

Does the idea of haunted dolls thrill you?

If you said yes, you’re in for a treat.

Because you’re about to discover a real life terror.

One that has inspired horror movies over the last couple of decades, and countless tales dating back much further…

Robert the Doll: The Terror of Key West

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Robert the Doll History

Updated 2/10/2020 – What’s creepier than a movie about a killer doll? The real killer doll it was based on.

Chucky from the Child’s Play movies is one of the most recognizable movie slashers of all time, but did you know the psychotic doll was based on a real doll named Robert?

Robert the Doll’s history dates back to the late 1800s when the rich Otto family moved to Key West, Florida.

One day the father of the family supposedly caught a Haitian servant of theirs practicing black magic in the backyard.

The servant was immediately fired, but not before she gave a lifelike doll to the young son of the family, Robert.

Robert named the surprisingly large 3 foot doll after himself, and often dressed it in his own clothing.

The boy and his doll were from this point on inseparable, doing everything together.

It didn’t take long for the relationship to sour however.

Robert started going by his middle name Gene to avoid confusion with the doll.

Gene would start holding conversations with Robert in his room alone late at night.

Gene then started growing more and more afraid of the doll.

Servants would find broken objects in Gene’s room, which he would say were broken by Robert.

After a while the Otto parents became weary of Gene’s relationship with the doll and placed it in the attic.

There it sat until Gene grew up, married, and became a painter.

After his parents’ deaths Gene and his young bride moved back into his childhood home where he uncovered his childhood doll.

The Haunted Doll In The Attic

Although sitting still here, some people have caught Robert the Doll moving on tape.

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He started carrying around Robert everywhere he went, much to his wife’s dismay.

Eventually Mrs. Otto became depressed and died of unknown causes with Gene shortly falling suit.

The doll remained in the attic with every new owner of the house, but strange occurrences were frequent.

Often times the families would find Robert in a room or outside the front door.

One couple even stated that they once found the doll sitting at the foot of their bed one night with a kitchen knife in his hand.

Robert now resides in the East Martello Museum in Key West in a glass box.

Apparently the doll is still known to be haunted and possessed with some sort of evil energy.

Staff and visitors of the museum have claimed that his smile often turns into a menacing glare.

Many have even reported seeing the doll move.

Claims Of Robert The Doll Caught Moving, And Face Changing, On Tape

In this video a paranormal tour guide said some spooky things happened when he tried moving Robert’s hat.

Check it out:

Apology Letters

The late night cleaning crew has been known to clean Robert’s box, and turn off all the lights at the end of the night.

Then upon their return the following morning all the lights will be back on, with the doll in a different position than where he was left.

Others have said that if you take a picture of Robert, without his permission, you’ll be cursed for an eternity along with anyone you are with at the museum.

If you are ever in Key West and decide to visit the East Martello Museum, just make sure not to get on Robert the Doll’s bad side.

Otherwise, you’ll need to write him an apology letter.

But what happens if he doesn’t believe you’re actually sorry?

Best not to find out!

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