This Is The Only Restaurant In Florida Where You Can Meet Lucifer Himself

There are certain corners of the world where the devil likes to roam.

Some of these places fall on ley lines—natural areas where the Earth’s electromagnetic field seems to operate differently.

Other places are known for historical tragedy and depravity.

Where the Devil Roams

Updated 2/10/2020 – And others seem entirely random. One such seemingly random place is called the Wynwood Diner located in Miami, Florida. A popular destination amongst tourists, Wynwood provides a romantic and trendy atmosphere to its patrons who have come to Miami for vacation or business.

Damian (Name changed for privacy), a local, also found it was the perfect place for a first date. “I first met Andi on Tinder, like so many twenty-somethings do these days,” he said with flushed cheeks. “We talked on there for a couple weeks and once we realized there seemed to be a substantial connection there, we agreed to go on a first date.

“I thought Wynwood would be just romantic but unassuming enough to be the perfect place to take her. We agreed to meet in front of the restaurant and at first everything seemed totally fine,” he recalled. “She was attractive, funny, bright…everything I had assumed she would be when we began talking.

“But as the date progressed things grew steadily more and more weird. I don’t really know how else to describe it,” Damian said, shaking his head. “At first, she seemed to slowly stop paying attention to what I was saying.

“Nothing really weird about that, right? I just figured, ‘okay, either I’m being really boring and don’t realize it, or she’s just not as into me as I thought she was.’ So, I studied her expressions, her attention span and I would change the subject whenever she seemed to zone out.

“But then it started happening no matter what I brought up. I’d ask her questions, and it was like she was a million miles away, and couldn’t even hear me. That’s when I began to notice that her eyes seemed to drift in the same corner of the restaurant.

The Most Dangerous Place in Miami?

The Most Dangerous Place in Miami?


“There seemed to be fear in her expression when she did so. ‘Andi. Are you okay?’ I finally asked, and I reached out to touch her hand. Maybe it was the contact, but she seemed to notice me again.

‘Yeah, I… I’m okay. This is going to sound weird, but I keep seeing this strange figure in the corner,’ she told me in a hushed voice. She described it as a tall, a very tall, skinny man lurking in the shadow in the corner of the restaurant. That he frightened her.

“I turned to look where she stared, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary whatsoever,” Damian said. “I finally relented to the idea that either she wanted out of the date and didn’t know how to say so, or that I had inadvertently picked up an insane girl. I looked at her, about to ask if she wanted to leave, when all of the sudden I saw this clawed hand appear out of nowhere around the nape of her neck, curling itself around her throat.

“I jerked back in my chair and the hand was gone. I never saw Andi again, and I will go to pretty much any other restaurant in Miami before I return to Wynwood.”