Historic Florida Ghost Doesn’t Realize How Terrifying Her Presence Is

Among the houses on the Daytona Beach coastline, one house, in particular, stands out among the rest.

Lillian Place, a sprawling yellow Victorian home, was built in 1884.

Today, the house is the oldest home located beachside in Daytona.

The Infamous Daytona Beach Ghost, Lucille

Updated 2/10/2020 – It’s magnificent interior and exterior architecture makes it an ideal location for daily tours.

While many who visit Lilian Place are there for its design, there are a few who have a different agenda.

According to local legend, Lilian Place has been haunted for over a century.

An apparition of a female, clad in a white dress, has been seen wandering the halls of the house by many people.

In fact, this ghost has become so popular and so well known, residents of Daytona have deemed her Lucille.

Florida native and ghost enthusiast Daphne (Name changed for privacy) travel a hundred miles to visit Lilian Place and witness the resident ghost.

…But Daphne got more than she bargained for.

“The tour was already underway when I began to hear footsteps running to and fro in the hallway above my head,” Daphne recalled “It was a large tour group, and I was toward the back, so I don’t think our tour guide heard it from where she stood.

But I asked the elderly gentlemen standing next to me if he had heard the footsteps and he replied that he did,” she nodded.

Did the tour include anything about Lucille?

“The guide did mention her, yes,” she said.

“But really not much—just what she is typically seen wearing and what everyone has taken to calling her.

It doesn’t seem like anyone knows about the history or life of the ghost.

Anyway, I was lost in thought and slowly fell behind everyone else in the group.

“I’m not a tall woman, and it became hard to hear and see the guide, so I just started poking around by myself,” she shrugged.

“It had been several minutes after the footsteps were gone when I heard a door slowly creep open above me.

I wanted to see Lucille so badly, I decided to sneak up the stairs ahead of the group.

A Spirit in the Corner

A Spirit in the Corner


“After I made it to the second floor, I began poking my head into each room, trying to figure out which door had mysteriously opened by itself.

At last, I made it to a small bedroom at the very end of the hall, overlooking the ocean.

I couldn’t see anything when I peeked in, but something told me that I would find her in there,” Daphne nodded.

“I walked into the room, and as soon as I was clear of the door, BAM, it slammed close behind me.

I whirled around, only to find a woman in the corner of the room, watching me cautiously.

“’H-hello?’ I sputtered, suddenly very nervous.

The woman made a small guttural noise in response—and I somehow took that as a greeting.

I took one step closer, and the woman made a shrieking noise, as if I had burned her!” she cried.

“And…to this day, I will never forget it…she began crawling up the walls and all over the ceiling.

She moved so quickly and so eerily, I nearly peed my pants,” she admitted.

“I went racing down the steps, and out of the house screaming my head off, I was so scared.

“After that day in Daytona Beach, I learned my lesson…

I will never search for ghosts again.”