10 Haunted Day Trips In Florida Where You’re Guaranteed To See At Least One Ghost

Florida has everything a vacationer could want: warm weather, rich history, and breathtaking sights.

Even if you can’t afford going on a full-fledged vacation, you can try planning day trips in Florida without compromising on the fun factor.

10 best day trips florida


Updated 2/10/2020 – But before planning your trip, know this: Florida is one of the most insanely haunted states in the country.

From Civil War soldiers to immigrants, this state is home to more than just 19.89 million individuals.

If ghosts don’t scare you, by all means.

Plan a day trip using one of the ten suggestions below.

The 10 Best Day Trips In Florida Where You’re Guaranteed To See At Least One Ghost

10) Fishing at Seahorse Reef – Seahorse Key

Seahore Reef in Seahorse Key, Florida

heather spaulding/flickr

Seahorse Key is one of the best vacation spots for those who wish to reconnect with nature and your soul.

But if you’re not alert, you may be ambushed by the headless pirate, Pierre LeBlanc.

Legend has it that he got drunk while watching over supplies and some treasure.

A stranger then stole everything, driving the other pirates to punish LeBlanc.

Till this day, he wanders around Seahorse Key looking for his head and stealing others’.

A photographer blogged about barely escaping LeBlanc in 2010.

While clicking photos of the wildlife, he was surprised to see a man in periodic clothing.

When the man looked his way, he felt pressure around his throat.

The sinister-looking pirate hovered towards him, but he was saved by hikers heading his way.

9) Exploring Ybor City – Tampa

Ybor City in Tampa, Florida


If you’re a history buff, your wishes will come true here.

You’ll love exploring Ybor City.

The historic neighborhood was home to Cuban, Spanish, and Italian soldiers and immigrants, many of which still ‘live’ there.

The streets of the city are haunted by the people who once lived there.

In fact, the police have come across many of Ybor City’s ghosts that they’re no longer fazed by them.

But that’s mainly because they’re harmless.

The entity in the Ybor City Museum gift shop is another story.

She tends to scream shrilly, especially during the afternoon.

She also hurls books around the shelves or onto the floor.

Many visitors have heard angry mutterings while at the museum.

So, stay safe and avoid angering her further.

8) Canoeing in the Everglades National Park – Homestead

Everglades National Park in Homestead, Florida

gary fua/flickr

Everglades National Park is one of the best Florida destinations to go canoeing and kayaking.

But beware – there’s a ghost who’s out there to make you suffer.

While canoeing with his aunt and cousin in 2009, a man saw a human figure swim towards them.

It was a young, blonde boy.

As the boy reached the mangroves, he looked at the canoe with red eyes.

Suddenly, the boat tipped a bit and his aunt fell into the water.

After rescuing her, she complained of pain in her back.

Lifting her shirt up, everyone was surprised to see large scratches all over her back.

The man looked at the shore only to see the boy wink and disappear.

7) Visiting the May-Stringer Heritage Museum – Brooksville

May-Stringer Heritage Museum in Brooksville, Florida

brenda warne bass/flickr

If you’re in Brooksville, plan a history and ghost-filled getaway to the 158-year-old May-Stringer House.

One of the oldest homes in the area, the museum is the forever home of eight ghosts.

But none of these are as famous as Jessie Mae.

Many visitors believe Jessie Mae to be responsible for the cold spots and shadows they see in the empty rooms.

On several occasions, women heard the chilling wails of the young ghost.

You may want to look out for Mr. Nasty though.

Despite his childish name, this angry spirit won’t think twice before lashing out at women.

Legend has it that he hung himself in the attic after discovering his fiancé’s infidelity.

That’s why female visitors to the museum become violently ill suddenly.

6) Relaxing at the Ocean Waters Spa – Daytona Beach

Ocean Waters Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida


Looking for relaxing day trips in Florida? Ocean Waters Spa may be one of the best options for you.

But only if brushing with the paranormal doesn’t scare you.

The full-service European Spa is frequently visited by The Plaza Resort’s spooks.

You may notice apparitions or weird lights during your therapies.

A woman claims that she saw a scary, gray face hovering above her own when she opened her eyes.

She sprained her wrist when she fell off the bed.

The spirit then clamped its hand on her wrist and dragged her across the floor.

It let her go when a member of the staff came to check on her.

5) Golfing at the Main Beach Playground – Amelia Island

Main Beach Playground in Amelia Island, Florida

michael owens/flickr

Amelia Island is one of the more popular places to visit in Florida because it offers many activities, including golfing and water sports.

But you may want to think twice before heading there if you fear the supernatural.

The island has several haunted spots, including Old Town, the Amelia Island Museum of History, and Palace Saloon.

But one pair of entities has especially gained fame: the lighthouse’s caretaker and his bride.

The young bride died from a disease, driving the caretaker to take his own life.

Since then, he overwhelms visitors with a putrid smell whenever he appears.

Some people have heard him shout at visitors to get out.

But he mainly switches on the radio and keeps the door open, waiting for his wife.

4) Touring Walt Disney World – Orlando

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida


No list of day trips in Florida is complete without mentioning Walt Disney World.

But even the happiest place on earth has a few dark corners with spooks hidden in them.

Many shadowy figures have been seen walking in front of the castle.

But if you really want to see a ghost, head to Pirates of the Caribbean.

There, you’ll probably see George, a welder who died while constructing the attraction.

Covered in blood, he tends to stare at visitors as they walk by.

Just don’t look into his eyes.

A girl did once and she started hyperventilating.

She frantically told her dad that she was choking and was carried away to a paramedic.

She later told everyone how the bloody man laughed as she struggled to breathe and told her she’d join him soon enough.

3) Cycling in Oak Hammock Park – Port St Lucie

Oak Hammock Park in Port St. Lucie, Florida


If hiking isn’t your thing, you can cycle, fish, or plan a picnic at Oak Hammock Park.

Whatever you do, though, stay alert at all times.

If you feel cold or experience chills, be afraid.

Something’s nearby.

One spot you shouldn’t venture to unprepared is The Devil Tree.

Legend has it that two young girls were beat, raped, hung, and then buried under that tree in 1973.

Since their remains were found in 1977, the ghosts have been unleashed.

Walking near the tree, many hikers hear screaming and shuffling as if someone was struggling.

A female was scared when the body of a girl dangling from a rope appeared suddenly in front of her.

So, if you’re fainthearted, think twice before heading to the park’s Devil Tree.

2) Exploring Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34 – Cape Canaveral

Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34 in Cape Canaveral, Florida

eric atkins/flickr

You can easily spend half a day exploring the Apollo 1 launch pad at Cape Canaveral.

But keep in mind that this is where “Gus” Grissom, Edward H. White II, and Roger B.

Chaffee lost their lives.

Many people visiting the memorial have heard screams of multiple entities.

In 2016, a psychic medium was grabbed by a burning man who screamed for help.

The man disappeared almost instantly, but the skin he touched was burned.

You may also experience extreme sadness or become overwhelmed with unease.

In both cases, move further away or else the ghosts will reach out to you.

1) Wildlife Viewing at Koreshan State Historic Site – Estero

Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero, Florida

skip nyegard/flickr

The heavily wooded area of Koreshan State Park is breathtaking, both figuratively and literally.

The ghosts of a religious cult still haunt the area.

You may find them lurking in the woods or they may reach out to you, inquiring about their messiah.

A visitor in 2003 reported seeing unexplained orbs fly ahead of him.

When he followed them to a dark, secluded area, he saw the light orbs change into shadow people with blazing red eyes.

When he ran, they followed him until he reached the park’s limits.