Why Is The Angel Of Death Obsessed With This Texas Hotel?

The Beckham Hotel was established in Mineola, Texas during the 1880s.

Since the hotel has opened its doors many guests have stayed there, but not all of them got to leave.

Updated 2/11/2020 – It’s believed that several deaths had occurred at the Beckham, from a woman falling down the hotel stairs, to a man who committed suicide in the lobby, and another man who was shot to death during a poker game.

Based on the theory that people often live on in spirit form after facing a violent death, it seems only naturally that the Beckham is haunted.

Making New Friends

But it seems that this hotel has seen more deaths than most, and many speculate as to why.

One young man who passed through Mineola earlier this year believes he has discovered the answer.

You checked into the hotel during the spring, is that correct Ian (Name changed for privacy)?

“Yes, I was taking a road trip through Texas and needed to crash for a night,” he answered.

“A few of my friends have stayed at the Beckham in the past and though they have all heard about the ghosts that supposedly haunt the place, none of them had ever had any experience while there.

But that’s not the case for you?

Ian swallowed, suddenly looking pale.

What I saw is something different altogether.”

Please, go on.

“I was waiting to check in at the lobby when I struck up a conversation with an elderly couple.

I can’t remember their names now, sadly, but they were incredibly nice.

During the conversation the man started coughing violently, and when he went to retrieve a tissue his wife told me that he had been severely ill for a long time and she was afraid she wouldn’t have that much longer to spend with him,” Ian said with a grimace.

“We both checked in, and by sheer coincidence they were given the room right next to mine.

I settled into my room and went to bed early, knowing I had a long day of driving ahead of me.

“But sometime during the night a loud commotion woke me up.

I realized the yells were coming from the elderly couple next door and I decided to run over there in case they needed help,” Ian said.

“I was lucky because their door was latched open, and I ran into the room.

“The man was on the bed, curled up in a ball.

I could tell by his face that he was in extreme pain.

The wife was standing up, and she was screaming about something in the corner of the room.

What I saw there was the most frightening thing I have ever laid eyes on,” Ian shuddered.

The Grim Reaper of Mineola

What did you see?

“It was a very tall figure, with a sheer black robe on.

As I stood there watching, I noticed that he was staring intently at the man in the bed.

“’Please!’ shrieked the wife, sobbing.

‘Please don’t take him yet, I’m not ready for him to die!’ “I realized that that figure…that figure was the angel of death, and he meant to take the man with him to the afterlife.

“I had found the couple so sweet, and the woman’s pleas so heartbreaking, I decided to charge at the shrouded figure.

As soon as I reached him, it seemed like he dissolved into thin air.

The wife called an ambulance and she kept telling me that I had saved her husband’s life,” Ian said with a smile.

“I will never forget that crazy night in Mineola.”