San Diego: Spirits Terrorize Gaslamp Museum

San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is home to many entities.

The Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House in particular.

William Heath Davis founded the area, first known as New Town, and this section of San Diego developed quite a nasty reputation.

San Diego: Spirits Terrorize Gaslamp Museum

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Visit San Diego’s Most Haunted Museum, if You Dare

Updated 2/10/2020 – Once considered a Red Light district, the sixteen block area that stretches between Broadway and the bay was once home to numerous brothels, and bars—and became quite a hotspot for trouble.

Indeed, New Town was reminiscent of cliché Wild West scenes one sees in films.

Despite the reformation of New Town in the 1970’s, the Gaslamp Museum is still home for many lingering spirits.

Several visitors have reported ghostly sightings and apparitions wandering around the house.

Once used for military quarters, it is common to see dead soldiers marching about the grounds.

The Dead Speak at the William Heath Davis House

The Davis-Horton house (formerly known as the William Heath Davis House) was also once used as a hospital, and the spirit of a nurse can be seen helping entities long since living.

The Paranormal Team, San Diego Ghost Hunters, claim that the nurse readily communicates with the living.

Her name is often heard on EVP devices as well.

San Diego: Spirits Terrorize Gaslamp Museum

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Dead children are frequently seen frolicking throughout the house, some of which are bound to be the fatherless children of women who worked at the house when it was once a brothel.

It’s been reported that male spirits often meander through the house, looking for lost conquests.

Even the Madam, the former manager of the brothel, can still be seen wandering the house’s halls.

In addition to soldiers, children and prostitutes, several guests claim that a terrifying spirit still resides in the attic.

Visitors speculate that this entity was a spy, sent to gain information from visiting sailors.

His spirit is now trapped upstairs, listening to passerby below

Locals claim that the house is also haunted by a woman in black.

This creepy entity has been seen numerous times, day and night.

However, a much more malevolent spirit has recently been sighted.

Often clad in a ragged dress, the female entity has been seen writing symbols on the walls of the museum in her own blood.

Some believe it is the lingering spirit of a prostitute who met her tragic demise within the house.

A few tour guests have even caught this eerie spirit on film, along with shadows and other ghastly apparitions.

Visitors have also seen furniture that moves on its own.

Chairs will shift, and objects seem to move of their own accord, scaring anyone who witnesses these frightening occurrences.

Once known for its bawdy reputation, San Diego’s Gaslamp Museum now has a reputation of a much more paranormal kind.

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