The Many Ghosts of the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is world-renowned as one of the most haunted locations in California, if not the world.

The decommissioned passenger liner is now owned by the City of Long Beach, and is permanently docked at the port there.

The Queen Mary was drafted into service during World War II, where she was nicknamed ‘The Grey Ghost’, and participated as a troopship in many actions.

The Many Ghosts of the Queen Mary

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Updated 2/10/2020 – The ship was even present at the D-Day Invasion.

The Queen Mary holds the record for transporting the most people on a floating vessel, when she was packed with 16,683 troops.

So many passengers of the ship during this time died in battle, and so much psychic stress was packed into such a small place.

After the war, the ship was used to transport war brides and their children to the United States, and then resumed service as a passenger liner.

Such a storied past filled with war and violence carries a price.

It is thought that the Queen Mary is haunted by as many as 150 ghosts and spirits.

At least 49 reported deaths have occurred onboard, and ghost sightings are commonplace in the halls of the ship.

Here are just a few of the many spirits spotted onboard.

Door 13

Queen Mary Ship Door 13

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This door to the engine room is a watertight seal in case of hull breach, and has crushed at least two men to death.

One of them, a crewmember who fell victim to the door in 1966, can be seen walking down the hall and disappearing into the door.

Queen’s Salon

Queen Mary Ship Ghost

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A spectral woman is often seen in the ship’s first-class lounge.

She is dressed in a fine white evening gown, and dances alone in a shadowy corner.


Queen Mary Ghost Jackie

This young girl drowned during the Queen Mary’s days as a passenger liner.

Her voice and laughter can be heard echoing through the second class poolroom to this day.

If you’re thinking about taking a visit, the Queen Mary is in Long Beach.

Ghost tours and haunted overnight stays are available.