Long Beach: The Ghost of the Queen Mary is Clairvoyant

Welcome to Long Beach, California.

If you’re going to take in the sights, why not visit the Queen Mary?

It’s a dry-docked ocean liner that once sailed for the Cunard Line.

Since 1967, she has sat in port, and is now a tourist attraction as a historical landmark.

Ghosts Inhabit the Halls of the Queen Mary

Photo credit: wikipedia.org and flickr/danielle-tunstall

Updated 2/10/2020 – Of course, she is famous for other things as well.

Mostly, she is famous for her ghosts.

Ghosts Inhabit the Halls of the Queen Mary

This is a particularly interesting place to visit if one is interested in paranormal activity, because it is so commonly experienced here; over four hundred separate experiences have been reported, and many more probably haven’t been.

One of the scarier ones – which has been reported multiple times by different people over the years – is the legend of the Scottish girl.

“We were taking the standard tour of the ship,” says Melinda G., one of the people who have come into contact with the Scottish girl, “when I got cut off from the rest of my group for a few minutes because I was gawking.

“It’s not unusual for that to happen to me,” she says, chuckling a little bit.

“I’m just naturally a wanderer, and I lose crowds often.

“Anyway, I had just realized that everyone was a ways ahead of me, and was about to quicken my pace to catch up with them, when this girl steps out of the shadows and presents herself full-on to me.

“‘Ye’re na welcome here,’ she told me,” says Melinda, doing a very passable Scottish accent.

“I was taken aback, to say the least.”

“I can’t believe that my first impulse was to talk to what was clearly a ghost standing in front of me, but I did; I asked her why.”

“‘We don’t like those that’re already dead messing around in our home.'”

“It was probably her piercing blue eyes that drew me in subconsciously, I had never seen such beautiful eyes and such an innocent face saying such creepy things.”

Things to do in Long Beach: Learn your future from a ghost

Long Beach: The Ghost of the Queen Mary is Clairvoyant

Photo credit: flickr/danielle-tunstall

“Needless to say, I was quite shocked,” Melinda says, and there is something a little frightening in her tone.

“I asked her what she meant, and told her that I wasn’t dead; I had a feeling that she was maybe under the impression that she wasn’t dead, and was going to tell me something to confirm that.

“Instead, she simply raised a hand and pointed at me; then she began to cough, and within moments she was coughing up blood.

“It poured down her mouth and chin, and got all over the little dress she was wearing.

“I couldn’t take any more at that point – couldn’t wait around to find out her answer.

“As it turns out, though, I got the answer a couple of months later.”

What do you mean?

“I went to the doctor because I had begun coughing up blood,” she says.

“I have terminal lung cancer.”

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