What In The Hell Is Going On At This Haunted Texas Bridge Lately?

There is a bridge in Maxdale, Texas that looks like a setting straight from a classic horror film.

The steel truss bridge, originally constructed in 1916, has become a hotspot for paranormal legends for the last few decades.

These stories are further aided by the fact that the bridge was built not too far from the Maxdale Cemetery, which was established in 1863.

The Deserted, Paranormal Bridge of Maxdale

Updated 2/11/2020 – When asking locals about the Maxdale Bridge, it’s possible to hear of a different true ghost story every single time.

Some swear the bridge is home to a class of ghost children, who will write messages in the dirt on your vehicle.

Still others believe it is possible to witness a phantom truck cross the bridge, deep into the night.

But perhaps the saddest tale of all is that of a young man who hanged himself when he failed to rescue his girlfriend from the Lampasas River that runs underneath the bridge.

For Texas native, Chad (name has been changed), none of these stories seemed plausible.

“There have been so many stories over the years, it’s impossible that all of them occurred on one bridge alone,” he said, shaking his head in derision.

“My theory was that politicians and local businessmen heard about these ghost tales in other towns and other states, and began claiming they occurred in Maxdale, all for the sake of making more money off tourism.

Was, as in past tense?

Chad swallowed, seeming to collect his thoughts.

“Like I said, not all of the stories could be true…but, yes I did experience something that convinced me one is not just a story.

I liked this girl at school,” he began.

“She likes all of this ghost crap, but she’s pretty and I wanted to do something to impress her.

“So I bragged that I went to the haunted Maxdale Bridge all the time, alone at night.

Shortly after I realized that I didn’t know anything about the bridge, and that I better go there at least once in case she asked any detailed questions about it.

So after school I drove out there and parked my car near the cemetery.

A Whisper in the Trees…

“I walked to the bridge, trying to retain details of the structure and the surrounding landscape so I could prove to my crush I had been there,” he chuckled, embarrassed.

“As I stood near the base of the bridge, the trees began to rustle a lot above my head.

A male voice that seemed to be strained came out of nowhere and said, ‘Chad…

Look into the water…’

How did you react?

“Well, it freaked me out!” Chad exclaimed.

“But in the back of my mind, I knew it would really impress the girl at school if I had an alleged ghost story to contribute.

“So I walked to the center of the bridge and peered down to the Lampasas River below.

“As I watched, a girl’s body floated downstream from underneath the bridge.

She was young and pretty, with a long white dress on, and a red flower in her hands.

She looked so peaceful and pale, I just knew in my gut that I was seeing someone who had died a long time ago,” Chad nodded, looking a touch sad at the thought.

“Suddenly the girl opened her eyes and looked at me! She smiled a little and said, ‘I just couldn’t swim.’

I was so creeped out by her words…

I don’t care if my crush is the prettiest girl in Maxdale, you couldn’t pay me to go back to that bridge.”