True Terror: Beware The Evil Lurking At This Texas Bridge

Wichita Falls is one place in Texas that is shrouded in perpetual mystery and eeriness.

Apart from a few haunted houses, Wichita is also home to a notoriously haunted bridge.

This bridge is called Wellington Lane.

The Most Haunted Bridge in Wichita Falls

Updated 2/11/2020 – According to local legend, there was a Satanic cult that lived in the area during the 1970s.

They performed many rituals, and would use the bridge as the place they would dump the bodies of sacrificial animals after their ceremonies were complete.

This concentrated area of gifts for Satan spawned a demonic creature.

This creature, which resembles both man and goat, is said to now lurk under the bridge, terrifying those who attempt to cross alone at night.

Many locals claim to have heard the creature growl at them.

A few even claim to have looked upon his ghastly face before quickly fleeing the scene.

For Wichita Falls native Andrea, the story was once nothing short of hocus pocus.

“I live about a mile from the bridge, and dumb teenagers are always hanging out by it.

Really, how haunted could it be if that’s their designated party spot?” she reasoned.

Against All Logic

Would you take a stroll through a hall of death?


“Do people like to act out the legend each year?

Sure, but that is on Halloween,” she added.

“I used to cross that bridge almost every day and I never experienced anything unnatural…until last week, that is.

And I still can’t make sense of what happened, really.

“It was around eleven at night, and I decided it was time to crawl into bed.

I turned the television on, and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

And when I woke up, I was standing in my nightgown in the middle of the bridge,” she nodded.

“I was shocked, needless to say.

I looked all around, but nobody seemed to be there with me.

So I began to jog home, trying my hardest to not freak out about the situation.

“I began to feel more normal two days later, when I chalked it up to sleepwalking.

I used to do that as a child, and while I hadn’t sleepwalked in ten years, I had a history.

I told myself that it happened because I had been so stressed out at work,” Andrea said, with a flick of her shoulders.

“But it was the following night when it happened again.

I suddenly came to, and there I was, standing in the middle of the bridge again.

Only this time, I didn’t feel alone,” she whispered, rubbing at her tear-ridden face.

“I couldn’t see anybody, but I felt this presence, this tall and dark presence that did not feel human in the slightest.

I looked all around me, but I didn’t see anything on the bridge.

That’s when I took a deep breath and looked down at my feet.

“There, it looked like two glowing yellow eyes looking up at me.

They weren’t the eyes of some animal—simple.

It was as if I was staring into the eyes of another human and that human expressed all of his hatred for me in his pupils,” she said with a shake of her head.

“I immediately screamed and began to run home.

When I plucked up the courage to look behind me, I saw a tall dark silhouette standing exactly where I had been just moments before.

The experience was so frightening and so vivid…now whenever I travel around Wichita Falls, I find other routes to use entirely.”