A Dreadful Terror Haunts This Creek in San Antonio

Many creeks in and around San Antonio, Texas have very literal names.

Catfish Creek, Brushy Creek and Mud Creek all exist within Texas and do not exactly bring a scene of beauty to mind.

Scattered amongst these not so inspiring creek names is the Woman Hollering Creek.

A Dreadful Terror Haunts This Creek in San Antonio


A San Antonio Mexican Legend

Updated 2/11/2020 – Many locals believe this particular creek is named after the Mexican myth about the La Llorona.

Legend has it that the La Llorona is a female ghost who lingers around a body of water.

La Llorona was in love with a man and soon had a child with him.

But the man either did not want to have a child, or he left her for another.

Whatever the outcome, the La Llorona decided to drown her baby in a body of water as a result.

After the deed was done, the mother was distraught at what she had done, and continues to haunt bodies of water, crying over the loss of her child.

While many residents of Mexico believe in the haunting ghost of La Llorona, many Texans do not.

But one native from San Antonio has had a life changing experience at Woman Hollering Creek and knows that, whether it is truly La Llorona or not, a female spirit is haunting the area.

The Persuasive Ghost

A Dreadful Terror Haunts This Creek in San Antonio


“I was driving along I-10 when I got a phone call from my boyfriend,” said Crystal (Name changed for privacy).

“Things had been rocky between us, but despite all of that I wasn’t expecting a phone call where he admitted he had cheated on me.

He probably wouldn’t have admitted that if he had known I was driving.

“But nevertheless the news was shocking, and I pulled off the side of the road when I started sobbing,” she admitted.

“I think I started having a panic attack shortly after, so I got out of my car seeking some fresh air.

I walked around without really seeing where I was going, and before I knew it, I was standing in front of a small creek.

“I fell to the ground, admittedly in quite a dramatic fashion, and I was thinking about everything about my boyfriend that I despised.

The more I thought about him the more of my grief turned into anger, and it felt like the air around me shifted…

It’s hard to describe,” she swallowed.

“But suddenly it felt like the air around me was experiencing my emotions with me, and it was in total agreement that he was worthless and had wasted my time.

I had my head bent low, and I was pounding my fist on the grass when I heard a voice nearby say, ‘it’s all his fault, it’s all his fault.’

“At first I thought it was just my subconscious rearing its ugly head—of course I felt it was all his fault! He had cheated on me; I didn’t have to take an ounce of blame!

But the longer I laid there and the longer I agreed with that voice, the louder and more malevolent it seemed to become.

“’He doesn’t love you, he doesn’t deserve you, he deserves to DIE,’ the voice commanded, and I knew no matter how angry I felt, I didn’t agree with that.

I finally lifted my head off the ground and I saw this apparition of a woman standing across the creek from me with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“’My baby….my precious baby,’ she sobbed, and I had never been so terrified or sad in my entire life.

I booked it back to my car and I didn’t stop driving until I reached downtown San Antonio.”