5 Real Aliens Caught On Tape?

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The first video (number 5) is about an alien called Skinny Bob, which was apparently found in May 2011 and shows an alien who was allegedly recovered from a crashed spaceship.

At first we see it lying on the ground and then we see it standing up and blinking, looking very realistic.

No one has come forward to claim ownership of the video.

5 Real Aliens Caught On Tape?

Nuke’s Top 5/youtube

Updated 2/10/2020 – The second video (number 4) shows many different news reports from around the world, about strange and scary phenomena known as Skyquakes.

No one knows what makes the creepy sounds, which are like whale calls mixed with distant trumpets and the grating of metal.

Some believe them to be extraterrestrial or Government experiments.

The third video (number 3) shows the infamous Fresno Night crawlers, which appear to be like stilts operated by tiny beings or with heads, that walk slowly across the ground.

The TV crew from Fact or Faked tried to debunk them but couldn’t.

There are even ancient Native American sculptures that seem to depict these creepy creatures.

The fourth video (number 2) is about another case that Fact or Faked investigated, about a man who is visited by a strange creature – seen in the doorway of his bedroom – then floating over his bed.

When the crew’s equipment started malfunctioning, lots of earthworms started coming to the surface of the grass outside his window.

In the final video (number 1) we see apparent UFO footage from Kumburgaz, Turkey.

The photographer zooms in to see what appears to be a window with figures moving about.

When people tried to debunk it as the upper deck of a cruise ship, it was quickly dismissed as impossible.

Many believe the video was proven to be authentic.

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