Want to Be Afraid? Explore These 9 Haunted California Bridges

There are many beautiful bridges in California, with fascinating histories and landmarks just waiting to be discovered.

Many travel to see the different varieties of design and engineering, while others simply enjoy the evidence of the pioneering spirit of progress.

There are also those who are interested in the paranormal aspects.

Want to Be Afraid - Explore These 9 Haunted California Bridges


Updated 2/9/2020 – Reports of haunted bridges with evil spirits, spirit portals to unknown worlds and dark apparitions abound, in a State that is known for sunshine and good times.

Do you dare to visit these spooky destinations – either on your own or with a group of trusted friends or family?

Maybe you should think twice.

Want to Be Afraid? Explore These 9 Haunted California Bridges

9) Bridge to Nowhere – Azusa

Bridge to Nowhere – Azusa

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Some report that this is one of the strangest bridges in California, leading to an invisible portal to a Hellish realm.

Several witnesses advised that there seems to be a shimmering mirage when you approach the other side of the bridge.

It apparently has a magnetic effect on those who get too close.

One older woman states that she saw a bird fly into the portal and then it suddenly disappeared, only to be followed by the most terrifying screams – like the bird was being ripped apart by something unholy.

Locals advise to stay away after dark, especially in the winter months – when it’s most active.

8) Malpaso Creek Bridge – Pacific Coast Hwy

Malpaso Creek Bridge - Pacific Coast Hwy


You might want to steer clear of this bridge, as locals say that even if you have the sunniest of dispositions, the creepy and mysterious voices telling you to jump will inevitably convince you to commit suicide.

One witness reported that he was visiting a friend nearby in 2012 and they decided to go for a walk.

He advised that everything was going well in his life up until that point – then they went for a closer look.

He heard a sinister voice whispering that it was time to go and before he knew it, he was preparing to jump to his death.

He said that if it wasn’t for his friend dragging him back, he wouldn’t be here today.

7) Colorado Street Bridge – Pasadena

Colorado Street Bridge - Pasadena

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If you happen to find yourself near the Historic Engineering Landmark on this bridge, you might meet the ghost who is reported to be caught in a suicide loop.

The apparition of a homeless man leaping to his death replays over and over after dark, compelling many witnesses to do their best to save him.

Some say that he is the tormented spirit of someone who ended it all a long time ago, destined to continue his tragic suicide until the end of time.

One local reported that she tried to save him and when she saw him re-appear – her blood froze – advising that he seemed so real when she’d first rushed over to him.

6) Mormon Rocks Railroad Bridge – Cajon Pass

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When the conditions are right, many report that a ghost train comes barreling along this bridge at breakneck speed.

One witness advised that he was setting himself up to take photos on a particularly foggy morning, when the eerie sound of a far-off train whistle got his attention.

He said that there was something not quite right about the sound, as it reminded him of a high-pitched scream.

Then he saw the white train zooming along and whistling so loud his ears hurt.

He snapped several pictures but nothing appeared out of the ordinary when he loaded them onto his laptop.

5) Union Pacific Railroad Bridge – Riverside


One of the many impressive and historical bridges in California, this location is reported to have a bizarre level of hauntings where horrible faces appear bobbing up and down in mid-air, directly under the bridge.

They are said to be the ghosts of pilgrims who were slaughtered by Native Americans over 150 years ago.

An older man reported that he saw the faces of three women, a child and a young man when he himself was a boy, which terrified him for years.

He advised that the creepy thing about the faces is that the tops of their foreheads are missing, with blood streaming over their glowing white skin.

4) Historic Steel Truss Bridge – Folsom

Historic Steel Truss Bridge – Folsom

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Not considered an ideal bridge to visit for those who are going through a difficult time, due to reports that the howling winds here can plummet you further into the depths of despair.

One woman tells of the time she was already contemplating ending it all when she decided to check it out.

She said that she heard such sorrowful cries when the wind picked up that she felt her depression deepening to a point where she feared she’d never recover.

Her boyfriend found her curled up in a ball close to the bridge – crying and threatening suicide.

It took her weeks to shake the feeling off and get back to her normal self.

3) First St. Railroad Bridge – Marysville

First St. Railroad Bridge – Marysville


Locals say that you need to either be devoutly religious or carry several rosaries when you visit this bridge, as it’s reported to be teeming with demonic shadow people.

A psychic, and gifted Tarot reader, advised that they drag you onto the tracks and leave deep scratches on your flesh, as they experienced the terror themselves.

The husband reported that he saw several shadows looming about and he got closer to investigate, even though his wife told him not to.

It took her all her strength to drag him away when he started screaming – saying that devils had a hold of him.

He still bears the scars to this day.

2) Antioch Bridge – Antioch

Antioch Bridge – Antioch


Some say that the ghosts here are quite playful, while others say it’s no laughing matter – seeing as invisible hands come out of nowhere – slapping, pinching and pushing unsuspecting victims when they get close to the bridge.

A young woman advised that she was slapped hard on the face, which left a mark.

She said that she was driving through and decided to stop her car to stretch her legs and take in the view, when she felt a firm hand slap her left cheek.

She heard the rush of wind right before the slap and the sting on her skin stayed with her for hours afterwards.

She drove away fast and vowed never to return.

1) Salinas River Railroad Bridge – Salinas

Salinas River Railroad Bridge – Salinas

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It might seem like a fine idea to saunter along the tracks on this bridge, but reports state that it’s haunted by an evil spirit who likes nothing more than to freeze you on the spot when a train is coming.

Two teenage boys told of the time they played chicken here, just for fun and games.

At first, they didn’t believe the rumors, until one of them said he saw a tall apparition of a thin man wearing a black top hat.

He felt an icy breeze waft over him and then he couldn’t move.

Then the train whistle jolted his friend into action – pushing him over to the side – just in time.