10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Texas

Night of the Living Dead, Pet Sematary, Army of Darkness…

These are just a few classic horror movies that feature a cemetery on film.

For decades, cemeteries have graced the silver screen as horror fodder.

Not only do cemeteries present the perfect place for ghosts, ghouls and zombies, they also provide an infinitely creepy atmosphere.

10 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Texas

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The Ten Most Haunted Cemeteries in Texas

Updated 2/11/2020 – But what about cemeteries that are legitimately haunted?

Usually the ones selected for movies are chosen for aesthetics, but the real deal is out there, and many of them are in Texas.

We have investigated a ton of places, and the ones listed below are without a doubt the most haunted cemeteries in the entire state both physically and psychically.

10) Lone Oak Cemetery – Blooming Grove, TX

Lone Oak is an extremely haunted cemetery in Blooming Grove, Texas.


While full bodied apparitions aren’t typically seen in Lone Oak Cemetery, many locals have little doubt that this cemetery has some serious paranormal activity.

Several reports from a variety of real psychics have come in about an invisible spirit who likes to walk directly behind visitors and whisper in their ears.

One Blooming Grove native captured a recording of the ghost and claimed the spirit informed her of how she was going to die.

The woman was so traumatized by this, she has refused to go out into public ever since.

9) San Jose Burial Park Cemetery – San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is no stranger to haunted places, could the San Jose Burial Park be the most haunted?


Rather than the specters one may expect to lurk in cemeteries, San Jose’s Burial Park is known for being haunted by a strange phenomenon.

Phantom blue lights are sometimes seen hovering over the headstones.

Those who have witnessed the lights are firm in their belief that they are supernatural in origin.

A small group of visitors came to see the lights recently.

Since seeing the bizarre blue orbs, each has complained of persistent nightmares and seeing the blue lights every time they close their eyes at night.

8) Port Isabel Cemetery – Port Isabel, TX

Port Isabel Cemetery is the final resting place for many incredible people, and some not-so-incredible ones, too...


The Port Isabel Cemetery is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little boy.

Some residents of the port town have visited their loved ones buried in the cemetery, and claim to have been visited by an apparition of the boy.

Some people have reported seeing him watch them as they walk among the headstones.

Whenever a child visits the cemetery, it has been said that the little boy will tug at their hands or pull at their shoulders, as if silently asking them to join him on the other side.

Despite being in a Cemetery filled with dead people, he still gets lonely.

7) Bethel Cemetery – Coppell, TX

This Bethel cemetery is an extremely haunted place to visit in Texas.


It’s said that many Coppell residents have begun to avoid the Bethel Cemetery, due to the spirit that has made the cemetery its home.

Walking among the graves, most people do not report any unusual activity or emotions.

However, if one brings along a night vision camera, the entity likes to appear in many of the images.

One local said the shadowed apparition showed up about a hundred yards away, within the image of the camera, and was looming not ten feet away in less than a minute later.

6) Evergreen Cemetery – El Paso, TX

If you visit the haunted Evergreen cemetery in Texas, be respectful. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but it's also the safest thing to do in this El Paso hotbed of haunting.


Much like the Port Isabel Cemetery, Evergreen is said to be haunted by a child spirit, in this case a young girl.

However, this child seems much more sinister in nature.

A group of investigators came to investigate this alleged haunting recently, and reported hearing the sounds of a child giggling all around them.

Within moments, the group leader complained of a strange pain on her cheek.

It’s said that on the drive home, she and her fellow investigators noticed scratch marks on her face.

5) Oakwood Cemetery – Huntsville, TX

Oakwood Cemetery is located in Huntsville, Texas. Avoid this place at night, pay your respects during the day.


According to local legend, a statue of Jesus was placed over the grave of a child buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

This once bronze statue turned black shortly after it was erected.

But according to some Huntsville residents, that’s not the only creepy thing about the statue.

One Huntsville resident said he went to see the infamous statue and as he studied it, the statue started oozing a blood-like substance at its base.

Many speculate if it is a sign of the devil.

4) Forest Lawn Cemetery – Beaumont, TX

There are other cemeteries that share the same name, but the Forest Lawn in Beaumont is the one that's haunted.


Romance and tragedy blossoms equally at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Two white statues within the cemetery are rumored to be of a couple laid to rest in the cemetery.

Many claim they could not bear to be separated and hence are in the same grave.

Moved by this story, a Texan from a neighboring town went to see the statues.

She claims that after she standing before the statues she has started suffering from visions of the two lovers.

Every morning she says she sees the couple wrapped in each other’s arms, being buried alive within the deep grave.

3) Concordia Cemetery – El Paso, TX

Concordia Cemetery in El Paso is a meeting place for spirits in the area, they say.


The dead are lively at Concordia Cemetery.

Many reports of apparitions are made concerning this particular cemetery.

A group of local ghost enthusiasts went to capture EVP with a digital voice recorder one night, when several of them are said to have felt a phantom hand grasping the back of their necks.

The touch was gentle at first, but quickly turned harsh and violent.

Two of the group members have since started to develop chronic spinal issues.

They are convinced it was the unseen ghost at Concordia.

2) Katy Magnolia Cemetery – Katy, TX

Katy Magnolia Cemetery in Texas is a beautiful place to visit, and the final resting place for many spirits. Some of them are restless, though.


False reports of a haunted sphere monument have circulated around Katy Magnolia for years.

However, a few locals report that the witch, for whom the monument was placed, is frighteningly real.

After the group visited the monument and read the inscription in unison, one female claims the witch’s spirit followed her home.

She has covered up all of the mirrors in her house, as every time she goes to look at her reflection, she sees the witch standing behind her, with a deranged grin plastered on her face.

1) Rose Hill Cemetery – Tyler, TX

Tyler is home to many spirits and paranormal events, and Rose Hill Cemetery is no exception.


Although many Tyler residents believe the friendly ghost of a woman named Madge Ward reigns over Rose Hill, one local is convinced a much darker force lives there as well.

This woman went to visit her grandmother in Rose Hill when she believes she saw a mist colored apparition lurking behind a tree.

After seeing this entity, the woman has developed severe sleep paralysis.

She says that multiple times a week her mind wakes up while her body still sleeps.

Paralyzed, she watches in horror as the entity from Rose Hill enters her bedroom and hides in the corners.


While a majority of Texas cemeteries are meant for mourning and reflection, some people have much more sinister experiences.

Phantoms and flesh eating humans may be the stars of the show in the movies, but in these legends lies a terrifying kernel of truth.