Haunted San Antonio: Beware The Donkey Lady Bridge

San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful city filled with skyscrapers and a busy city life.

Below the bright lights and loud city noises lays a serene and comforting country bridge that crosses over the Medina River.

While the seclusion and beautiful natural scenery are a great distraction from everyday life, this bridge is known for a much more horrifying reason.

The Donkey Lady lives near this San Antonio bridge. Don't go there at night. Seriously.

Photo credit: NEISD Scholastic Journalism

The Dark History of San Antonio

Updated 2/11/2020 – There are many different versions of this gruesome tale.

The most prominent story the locals of San Antonio tell is a dismaying story of a terrible and violent event, leaving behind the legend of the Donkey Lady Bridge.

It seems that the residents, including top psychics and mediums, living in the area have a bit of a disagreement on the actual year the story takes place.

It is believed that some time in the 1950’s a woman and her children were burned alive by the husband and father of this family.

They say the woman survived, although horribly disfigured, while her children perished in the inferno.

Due to her appearance, she was forced to leave, due to cruel townspeople, and live alone in the woods outside of San Antonio.

The legend describes the flesh of her face as looking melted and sagging, making her face look elongated with deep burns.

The tale also goes on to say that her fingers either fused together in the fire or all of her hands were melted off, leaving behind what resembled hooves.

The Donkey Lady Bridge is located in the area where locals believe she inhabits and terrorizes.

It is said that if you drive your car there, park with the lights off and wait, the Donkey Lady will pay you a violent visit.

Witness Accounts

It has been told by witnesses that the Donkey Lady will jump on the hood of your car either leaving dents or a broken windshield behind.

Some other visitors to the bridge report a much more menacing experience that sometimes involves a list of psychic phenomena.

A local psychic medium who visited the area reported a sense of “overwhelming dread” and recommended that no one should visit after dark.

One car load of friends told a scary tale of a donkey-like creature leaping onto the hood of the car, jumping and hitting the windshield violently.

They claim the Donkey Lady was desperately and angrily trying to get into the car to hurt them.

The Disfigured Donkey Lady Terrorizes Locals

The Disfigured Donkey Lady Terrorizes the Bridge

Photo credit: flickr/noxulifer

Another aspect that locals speculate and butt heads over is whether or not the Donkey Lady is a ghost or is still alive out in the woods.

The legend says that a body has never been found from the horribly burned woman, banished to live a secluded life beyond the treeline.

Another terrifying tale is told by a father that took his boys camping in the woods near the location where the tragedy took place.

Some bone chilling noises along with some rustling were coming from the brush surrounding the camp site.

The father and sons said that they climbed into the car to drive away, fearing a predator was hunting them.

Before they were able to drive away a horribly deformed creature jumped onto the car shattering the windshield.

They described the creature as looking very frightening with deep sunken eyes, burnt, melted and saggy skin, with hoof like hands.

One things for sure, the people of San Antonio all agree that there is some truth to this story as most of them have had some type of spooky experience on the bridge.

The look in her sunken eyes was depicted as empty and cold, full of rage and hatred.


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