Albino Ghosts Want Your Blood At This Haunted Florida Playground

Florida is a state known for its varied and numerous outdoor parks, and the small city of St. Cloud, in Osceola County, has its own piece of green land with lakes and hiking paths where you can enjoy a great, family barbecue any weekend of the year.

Updated 2/10/2020 – This area on the southern shore of East Lake Tohopekaliga offers all of its visitors a variety of options to spend the day: picnic pavilions, bike roads, sports court, restaurants, boat rowing in the lake, and a great playground where kids can spend hours of fun.

However, exactly how safe is this playground and what is the truth behind it?

The Dead Inhabitants Of These Grounds May Not Want You There

More than one visitor of the Lakefront Park has expressed having gone through disturbing experiences concerning presences of what could be dead people that did not want them to be around the playground at all.

Others declare that dogs have shown strange behavior when they are in the kid zone area.

Some are too afraid to be near the slides and swings, while others start howling or barking at what appears to be nothing at all.

But what is invisible to our eyes does not have to be to a dog’s vision, and these scared pets could truly be woofing and growling at violent, blood-lusted ghosts that want to harm you and your children.

One visitor that stayed in the Lakefront Park slightly past sunset one Sunday even states having seen figures of at least five men walking around the playground from afar.

But, superstitious as he had been raised to be, did not think these could be living people at all, as the park was most likely empty by then.

He decided to avoid the kid zone while walking out of the park, not before noticing that these men were talking to each other, and that all of them were Albinos.

You Should Walk Away As Soon As Something Weird Happens

ghosts are willing to play


What is most frightening about these men’s ghosts is that they are highly dangerous, and are known for having carried on with actions that could end up harming people.

They sometimes make the playground’s swings go too fast, or have even made the zipline get stuck while the children are using it, which are all unsafe actions.

A mother of a three-year old boy tells why she will never take her kid to the St. Cloud park again: “My family and I, went for a picnic that day and sat near the playground so I could keep an eye on my son.

We had a great time, and it wasn’t until the end of the day when we were the only ones left in the area that I saw my boy talking to himself”.

He called out to her son to ask him why was he chatting out loud.

However, to her surprise, he said he was not talking to himself but to certain strangely white men that were in the playground with him, although the area was evidently empty.

And that was not all.

I was terrified, and so was my sister, but when I saw his arms, he had scratches and scrapes that had not been there minutes earlier.

He said the men left them there when they took him by the arms”.

The mother left the park to never go back.

“It is a dangerous place”, she concludes, “these ghosts are evil, and I will stay as far away from that playground as possible”.

And maybe you should, too.