Beware The Evil Entity Lurking In This Florida Barn

Micanopy is a sleepy town in Florida, sometimes even called “The Town that Time Forgot.”

With old buildings and a population of less than a thousand people, the name is not surprising.

Creepy Barn in Micanopy, Florida

katrina cloos/flickr

Updated 2/10/2020 – Despite that, Micanopy has a charm of its own.

With nearby trails like the Chacala Trail and a yearly art festival, Micanopy attracts artists and tourists from all over.

Among the sleepy town’s charms belong old barns, some of which have been reclaimed by time.

Vines creep over their old facades, and some are even crumbling under their own weight.

There is a dirt road you can take off of 441, and you will be transported into a land of green.

Further along the road, there should be an old barn.

The barn is not crumbling yet, and the only sign of the passage of time is the ivy covering its sides.

Hidden beneath a canopy of green, the barn has a beauty rarely seen anywhere else.

You could see it too, as long as you don’t stumble upon the ghost that haunts it.

The unusual ghost in Micanopy, Florida will frighten you to death

A group of artists were scouting the area around Micanopy and took that particular dirt road that led them to the barn.

There, they had the most unusual and the most frightening experience of their lives.

“We just wanted to see if we could find a spot to shoot a short film,” one of them told us, his eyes wide, shoulders tense.

“When we saw it, we knew it was the place we were looking for.”

One of them had spent some time in the town already and knew the area well, but even he did not know of the barn.

“In fact, I think if I were to go back, I wouldn’t be able to find it again,” he said.

“Not that I mind.

It all began when we were outside,” he continued.

“We heard a sad whine, but it was so quiet, we did not know if it was real or not.

“So we went inside, and as soon as we crossed the threshold, we heard the bark.

A puppy, we thought, and went further in to look for it.

“It was then that the lights went out.”

Despite it being midday, the light from the sun did not reach the inside of the barn.

“I don’t even remember what the inside looked like,” our source said.

“What I do remember are the teeth I felt on my wrists, the chill of the air around me, the barks of a puppy in my ears, feeling tiny paws scratching my thigh.

I heard my clothes tear, smelled my blood.

Light returned as the group ran from the barn.

Peering inside, they couldn’t find a puppy.

All four of them felt the puppy, yet none of them bore any marks.

Is the sleeping town hiding a secret?

Is the sleeping town hiding a secret?

All small towns have secrets.

It wouldn’t be unusual for Micanopy to have its share.

The locals only admit to an old man living in a barn long ago, so long ago that his name, like everything else in the town, has been forgotten by time.

It is unknown if he had a family, but they say he did have a big, wild dog, a female, to keep him company.

As vicious as she was, she was not much of a companion, but she did guard his property.

When one of the pups in her litter began showing the same viciousness, the old man put all of them down and moved away.

Today, all that’s left of them are a dilapidated barn in Micanopy, Florida, and the ghost of the vicious puppy that guards the property, and makes sure that those who do find the barn, wish never to return.