Wicked Spirits At This Florida Lake Will Have You Questioning Your Sanity

North Central Florida is home to many pristine lakes perfect for a quick vacation, fishing, boating, and family outings.

Located near the charming historic town of Hawthorne, Little Orange Lake is the jewel among these lakes.

Updated 2/10/2020 – Midway along the western shore of the lake, there is a public boat ramp that one can use for a daily boat ride.

Campers can find their heaven here.

There is an RV camp park in Hawthorne and a multipurpose trail that will give you the most scenic views in North Central Florida.

Little Orange Lake is special due to the shoreline and the area beyond.

Despite there being some residential areas nearby, the area directly around the lake is mostly untouched by man, which is why the lake is the perfect spot for shoreline and fly fishing.

Perfect – as long as you don’t go fishing by yourself.

Something lurks beneath the waters of Little Orange Lake in Florida

Two fishermen shared a mystifying tale.

The two men had been fishing together for years, and that summer, they had decided on a weekend trip to Little Orange Lake.

However, the younger man wanted to take advantage of the unblemished land and shoreline and decided to go out on the water well before sunrise.

“I was out in the middle of the lake,” he said.

“The lake reflected the full moon.”

“It was beautiful.”

But the peaceful lake wasn’t so calm.

“I don’t know how long I lay there on the boat, watching the stars above.

“When I rose, the surface of the lake was calm.

It was summer; there was no wind, the humidity clung to my skin like a blanket.

“Then I saw the two figures swimming in the water.

They just appeared, as if they swam from the bottom and broke the surface.”

There weren’t any flashes.

The surface of the lake barely moved in response to the strange figures’ movement.

The fisherman, thinking one of them might need help, yelled at them.

The figures turned.

“I saw two ghastly smiles in the moonlight.

They swam closer and closer, and then I saw them.

It was my friend, who I left behind at camp and me.”

The fisherman froze as a sudden chill penetrated his bones.

He watched, transfixed, as the copies swam closer.

He heard gleeful laughter, and he heard malice in the air.

Then his friend grabbed the fisherman’s copy and drowned him in the water.

“I must have blacked out,” he said.

“I woke up on the shore, my friend yelling at me to wake up.

Dawn was approaching, and the boat was next to me.”

“Yet, my clothes were wet, and I tasted the water of the lake in my mouth.”

Up to this day, the fisherman doesn’t know if he is real, or just a copy.

Wicked spirits posing as doppelgangers can drive you insane

Doppelgangers are not guardian angels. They give warnings of danger or they can cause harm to you.


Doppelgangers have been around for centuries, and seeing your doppelganger is never good news.

Usually, when a person sees their doppelganger, it’s for a reason.

Most often, that reason is approaching death.

Doppelgangers might also try to give you a warning of danger, or help you avoid it – save your life, even.

But doppelgangers are not guardian angels.

They are your malicious evil twins.

They take something in return, something you may never get back.

A part of your essence that, once it’s gone, will make you question your sanity.

Do they come from the Underworld? No one is sure, but you might meet your own at Little Orange Lake.