Dog Attacked by Ghost in Haunted House?

Creepy things have been known to happen in residential homes.

What might appear like a nice house in the suburbs could be filled with all sorts of strange paranormal activity including ghosts and poltergeists.

If you’ve ever been home alone and heard strange noises or things that go bump in the night, you’re not alone.

Dog Attacked by Ghost in Haunted House?

Photo Credit: youtube/KaelinSpeaks

Updated 2/10/2020 – In actuality a great number of people witness something paranormal inside of their home whether it be doors opening, footsteps echoing, or lone voices calling out.

It often goes beyond psychic activity.

Some people have even posted videos of their haunted house so others can witness this strange phenomenon.

Clips can be seen of doors opening by themselves, lights flickering on and off, and objects moving by supernatural forces.

These ghosts…are they real?

Some believe so.

For whatever reason, ghosts have been known to frequently appear to us here in the mortal world.

Video of Dog Attacked in Haunted House

The video shows one such phenomenon in which a ghost moves an object while a camera catches all the footage.

What the video entails seems to be unaltered, perhaps making the incident actual recorded footage of a ghostly force inside a house.

The beginning of a video clip shows a dog sprinting its way across the hallway, seeming spooked from something.

We then see a trash can follow suit as the dog slowly backs away from the receptacle looking rather scared.

At first glance this might not look like anything supernatural.

Dogs have been known to root around in garbage cans, especially if food is found in them.

While it doesn’t appear to be a haunted house at first, a closer analysis confirms that there is definitely something otherworldly happening here.

The dog is seen running faster than the trash can, which doesn’t make sense.

If the dog had knocked it over and then ran, the garbage can would have been moving faster.

This tells us that the dog was freaked out by something and then started moving on its own.

What’s even creepier is that the trash can is seen moving for several minutes on its own after rolling down the hallway.

This may be further proof that something supernatural has caused this event.

If you’re skeptical about a real life haunted house check out the video below. It may change your mind.