The Dark Paranormal Energy Inside This Sonoma Valley Barn Is Strong Enough To Make You Cry

Somewhere along the numerous vineyards and wineries that can be found in Sonoma Valley stands an abandoned barn that stores such a strong paranormal force that those who have somehow ended inside it wish to never be near it again.

Updated 2/10/2020 – What exactly is happening in this old Sonoma Valley barn?

The Awful Presences That Inhabit The Barn

Located in the southeast part of Sonoma County, California, Sonoma Valley is historically known as the place of birth of the Californian wine industry, a land where most of the oldest and notable wineries of the state reside, some of these being over a hundred and fifty years old.

Sonoma Valley is also residence to at least two State Historic Parks, a Botanical Garden and several other places that still preserve many centuries of history.

What most of the tourists ignore is that this California valley is also home to a barn that might have once been used for farming but is now long forgotten and, seemingly, inhabited by a strong and terrifying supernatural presence that will bring those who enter it to tears, if they are brave enough not to scream.

It is not known what could have happened to make its former owners walk out of it.

Some locals dare to say it is likely that the spiritual energy (while others claim it’s paranormal energy) itself might have forced them to leave, although there is no possible way to prove this as it happened several decades ago.

What the rumor holds is that the dark and sinister presence that once took over the barn only grows stronger and more menacing with time.

Threatening Paranormal Forces In Sonoma Valley

You can hear the cries of these children inside the barn.

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No one is certain of what inhabits the barn: all that the few people that have dared to go in affirm is that it is evil and it does not have good intentions or want you there at all.

A young woman that was driving through the Valley with two other friends found herself going inside the barn after the others insisted in checking it out.

“We saw it from a distance, standing there so ghastly in such a beautiful valley.

Of course the boys wanted to go in.

I refused at first, but waiting alone in the car wasn’t much of a better option.

It seemed to me that the sky clouded up around us, if that’s possible”, the woman details.

Once she went inside, a gloomy feeling took over, and the air turned heavy.

“The door shut behind us, and there were still cracks on the walls that let the light come in, but we felt immediately trapped.

None of us gave another step.

There were presences with us, several of them.

And they were not the good kind”.

“Suddenly, we heard a baby crying in the darkness”, she remembers with a frightened expression on her face.

“That did it for all of us, we ran for the door and managed to get in the car and drive away.

A few miles later, I broke into tears.

It still gives me goose bumps, the memory.

I would have never forgiven the boys for that if it weren’t because I saw they were pale and terrified themselves”

She finishes, “There are some places you really don’t want to go in at all, and that Sonoma Valley barn is definitely one of them!”