Beware The Murderous Ghost Who Wants To Lure You Towards Danger In This Fresno Museum

In Fresno, California, if one wanted to see a place simply chock full of interesting history, one would have to look no further than the Meux Home Museum, located on R Street.

Updated 2/11/2020 – Built in the 1890s by Thomas Richard Meux, the house has stood through a long line hearty and long-living descendants, and today resides as a museum filled with interesting artifacts – not the least interesting of which is the autobiography of Thomas Meux himself (available for a donation of ten dollars on the museum’s website, as a matter of fact.)

If, of course, you were interested in learning why people sometimes hear strange voices or see phantom shapes move around in the dark places of the house – or if you were to get really brave and decide you wanted to find out why on certain nights it has been reported that doors have shut themselves and their handles have gone missing…if you wanted to know all of that, well, you might just have to read a little between the lines of the place’s history.

The Meux Home Museum in Fresno, California Is Haunted by the Specter of a Little Girl

“Her face, her dress, even her eyes when she turns them up to look coldly at you…all of these are dusty,” says psychic phenomena researcher Phillip (Name changed for privacy).

“Nobody knows her name or where she came from, for that matter; she’s not part of the Meux line, so far as I or anyone else can determine.

But she’s definitely a part of the house.”

In what way?

“She just…feels like a part of it,” he says vaguely.

“You have to see her to understand it, I fear.”

So you have seen her, then?

“Oh, yes,” he says, and his otherwise playful tone darkens somewhat.

I think she tried to kill me.”

Meux Home Museum Ghost Might Have a Taste for Murder

Creepy Little Girl Holding A Necklace

serena lynn/campusbuzz

“I had been in the house before, but was taking a tour more as a ghost hunter than anything.

I came into one of the upstairs rooms, and all the doors slammed shut all at once.

The lights went out, and the room got really cold; then, there she was, so bright that I could see her in the dark.

And she was dusty; it just wafted off of her every time she moved…the dust of the grave, I suppose.”

How did she try to harm you?

“After the doors slammed shut, the door handles fell out onto the floor; she smiled maliciously at me, blinked, and the door handles disappeared.

Then she growled at me, and I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember is waking up in the parlor area, and people were trying to take care of me, like I had fainted or something.

“I told them just what they wanted to hear, of course.

But I wonder sometimes who that little girl is in the Meux House…and I wonder if next time she might finish the job.”