10 Sonoma County Hiking Trails with Insane Paranormal Activity

Sonoma County hiking trails are known for beautiful forests, meandering paths, and breathtaking views.

However, those beautiful hiking trails are also known for something else: Insane paranormal activity.

If you get lost on one of those winding paths, you have no idea what you will find or how it will affect you.

10 Sonoma County Hiking Trails with Insane Paranormal Activity

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Updated 6/4/2021 – More than one hiker has reported hearing deafening screams hanging in the air.

The thick forests provides the perfect breeding ground for the spookiest activities you can imagine.

To those who have experience with the paranormal, it comes as no surprise that hiking in Sonoma County can be extremely scary.

These paths are some of the most beautiful places to hike, but you never know what you might see or hear.

Stories abound about ghosts who roam these trails seeking your blood, body and soul.

Ready for terror?

Read on…

10 Sonoma County Hiking Trails with Insane Paranormal Activity

#10) Sonoma Ridge Trail, Jack London State Park

Sonoma Ridge Trail, Jack London State Park

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Sonoma Ridge Trail, Jack London State Park 2

Photo credit: blog.bahiker.com

The Sonoma Ridge Trail is above Jack London’s ranch about 7 miles out and can be followed through the woods.

The winding path is covered with small stones and gravel and looks every bit as spooky as what you seen in horror movies.

The trees look like they will grab you, and once you are among them they give you a certain feeling of death and terror.

Throughout the trail you will feel something “dark” following you, perhaps about to grab you at any moment.

#9) Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Guerneville

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, Guerneville

Photo credit: flickr/bill_cunningham

This haunted trail is host to ancient trees and ancient spirits.

Stories of ghost maidens revolve around these trees that live up to a 1000 years.

Rumored to be home to the scariest supernatural beings.

The greenish water gives the feeling of hidden secrets beneath it.

Who knows how many people have lost their lives here and turned into a soulless body that roams around looking for revenge.

#8) PlanetWalk Trail, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Robert Ferguson Observatory Planetwalk Trail, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Photo credit: thecalitravelista.wordpress.com

Robert Ferguson Observatory Planetwalk brook, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Photo credit: thecalitravelista.wordpress.com

On this Northern California hiking trail, the PlanetWalk is used as a scale model of the solar system at the Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

As you hike the trail, initially it is an open space but as you go deeper into the woods the trees emanate a deep-rooted feeling of evil.

Rumor has it that years ago two girls hanged themselves on the branches of the tree above the bridge.

Supposedly their souls are unable to leave, and the air is filled with the presence of someone who watches every step that you take.

#7) Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail, Santa Rosa

Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail, Santa Rosa

Photo credit: flickr/dred707

Laguna de Santa Rosa Trail is the largest freshwater wetland of Sonoma County.

Its appearance almost looks like a Savannah in some parts, which gives it a unique look.

That unique look is what draws many people here who are searching for things to do in Santa Rosa.

However, the trail is not as innocent as it seems; this is actually one of the most haunted places in California.

Beware: You might encounter someone wandering aimlessly in the middle of the woods and that someone is not necessarily a human being.

Numerous stories have reported the bizarre sighting of a body roaming around while bending mid waist.

#6) Bodega Head Trail, Bodega Bay

Bodega Head Trail, Bodega Bay

Photo credit: flickr/harmyd

Bodega Head Trail is considered by many as one of the most beautiful places to hike.

If you’re looking for nearby trails, this is worth checking out.

It’s filled with greenery and wild flowers.

Perhaps you can discover your inner-muse here.

That is, if you make it out alive!

According to rumors, there’s a supernatural creature that hunts human beings, paralyzes them, then drains their blood.

#5) West County Regional Trail, Sebastopol

West County Regional Trail, Sebastopol

Photo credit: the365thingstodoinsonomacounty.typepad.com

This trail might not be as green and luscious as the other Sonoma County hiking trails but it has its own beauty in the remains of a once very successful apple industry.

Marked by a wooden bridge, it takes you on a short journey into the mesmerizing horrors of old structures.

Who knows what you will find under the piles of rotten wood.

Some hikers report a strange apparition: A face without a body, stitched into the headrest of a brown leather chair.

#4) Pomo Canyon Trail, Santa Rosa

Pomo Canyon Trail, Santa Rosa

Photo credit: flickr/Meaghan Swintek

Pomo Canyon Trail is marked by grasslands which are covered by flowers.

It then leads to a solitary canyon that is naturally protected from strong winds by the surrounding trees.

The beauty doesn’t last too long though.

This area is marked by haunted trails where shadow-men live.

They are said to attach to your upper-back and feed off of you, sucking the life from your body.

If you’re on vacation in California and looking for a fun Sonoma County destination…this is not it.

#3) Pygmy Forest Trail, Salt Point State Park

Pygmy Forest Trail, Salt Point State Park

Photo credit: flickr/videolux

Recognized by its small trees, the Pygmy Forest is a coastal wonder.

The trees are over a century old but look like they are hovering over you, perhap to get a closer look at you.

There is a little-known story of a small girl who looked exactly like the doll she owned.

Rumors say that years ago, she got lost in the forest while carrying her doll.

She never made it out and died alone.

Now her spirit wanders the forest, doll in hand, seeking aid from hikers.

Will you help her?

#2) Colgan Creek Trail, Sonoma

Colgan Creek Trail, Sonoma

Photo credit: flickr/desertbuzz

Here’s a hiking trail where you can take your dog with you.

Colgan Creek Trail is 1.2 mile long and is pretty in its own way.

But the trail is marked with pain and agony.

It’s believed something sinister happened here that left the spirits writhing in psychic anguish.

Hikers sometimes report hearing loud, ear-piercing shrills that do not have a source.

#1) Mountain Trail, Jack London State Park

Mountain Trail, Jack London State Park

Photo credit: flickr/RWightman

Featuring redwoods, ferns, oaks, madrone and wildflowers, this seems like a great place to explore Northern California hiking trails.

However, not is all as it seems on the Mountain Trail at Jack London Park.

The existence of black magic and paranormal activities has left an indelible impression.

Once you are inside the dark hollows, be very careful.

Some believe there is chance that your soul will be transformed into something dark and twisted, and you may never return the same.


As haunted as they are beautiful, these Sonoma County hiking trails will leave you in fear.

Perhaps even change you.

So be very careful while you explore these woods and its deceptive paths.

They may lead you to something dark and blood-thirsty.