Scary Videos: Guy Nearly Drops His Camera As He Catches Demonic Spirit On Film

It doesn’t matter how much of a fan you are of the Paranormal Activity films, because this one makes it look like Child’s Play.

This video is filmed from a first person perspective, which makes things that much creepier.

Scary Videos: Guy Nearly Drops His Camera As He Catches Demonic Spirit On Film

Photo credit: youtube/Scary Videos

Updated 2/10/2020 – We’re not exactly sure what was going on here, but a man seems to be exploring a haunted house.

It looks like he may have take a cue from Ghost Adventures and actually locked himself inside the structure.

As he walks through the house by himself, and in total darkness, other than the brief light from his camcorder, you can hear his heavy breathing.

This guy can feel the tension begin to build…

…and he knows he’s not the only one in the home.

This video footage is so suspenseful that you’re on the edge of your seat.

You know that this guy is going to encounter something that’s not of this world, and that’s inevitably exactly what happens.

Suddenly, the sounds of laughter begin to echo out while this man explores the home.

As he lets out a gasp, he moves the beam of his flashlight

…Searching the room he’s in for the source of the laughter, as it’s almost like it’s coming directly from behind him.

Sure enough, as he explores the room, his flashlight and his camera briefly catches a demonic figure standing in the corner of the room.

In the scary video below, the figure is what appears to be a young lady in a white dress.

Her long black hair dangles lifelessly, obscuring her face.

As you can imagine, the sight of this ghastly figure nearly scares the cameraman to death.

He manages to hang on to his camera and escape the room as he repeats “Oh my God,” over and over.

Without a doubt, this guy knows how lucky he is to get out of the room alive after encountering such an evil entity.

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