Watch: Demonic Growls Heard in Haunted Asylum?

Often times bad places will have bad spirits linger in them.

Abandoned prisons where all sorts of evil men used to be held now harbor evil spirits.

Houses that have had murders take place within them have the dead wander the halls.

And insane asylums, where a variation of atrocities have usually taken place, often have presences that are demonic and disturbing.

Watch: Demonic Growls Heard in Haunted Asylum?

Photo credit left: youtube/”Believe” A Paranormal Experience right: flickr/areyarey

Updated 2/10/2020 – In most early asylums for the criminally insane the environment was claustrophobic and hostile.

Harsh experiments were carried out to the people who were criminally disturbed.

Needless to say this caused the spirits of these asylums to lash out.

In this video a paranormal research association is visiting a haunted asylum for the criminally insane in an abandoned hospital.

While investigating, the team winds up in a dark hallway on the 2nd floor when something quite disturbing happens.

As the researchers become silent they start to notice a loud noise down the hall.

At first the noise sounds like something moving in the other room, but then it grows louder.

Finally a disturbing demonic growl rings out reverberating through the hallway.

The noise sounds like a disturbing shout from hell itself; something demonic that shouldn’t be there.

Although it is hard to hear in the actual footage, the video plays the sound again through the voice recorder the investigative team had on them.

It’s hard to pinpoint just what exactly is making the hellish growl.

It is obviously not natural and much more than a creak in a floorboard.

Whatever is making that sound appears to be paranormal.

It’s quite possible that a ghost from a patient is wandering the hallways of the haunted asylum at night, and sensing the research team, lets out the noise in an attempt to get rid of them.

What’s worse is that the noise could be heard to lure the team in even further where the demonic presence is stronger.

What is clear is that the video shows a strange noise in a haunted asylum that clearly isn’t natural.

Is the growl a demonic presence?

You can decide for yourself by watching the video below.

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