Real Paranormal Activity Caught on CCTV Camera?

This video shows people watching a monitor from a CCTV system, which is focused on a lonely road at night.

The date on the top of the monitor states 22/2/16.

One of the people watching leans forward and points to the spot, obviously indicating to others or the camera filming the monitor to keep watching.


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Updated 2/10/2020 – In a flash, a girl in white with long black hair appears.

She seems to be looking down, with her hair partially covering her face, but then she vanishes quickly.

It looks like she suddenly flies off somewhere or returns to whatever realm she currently inhabits when not visible to the living.

Then a young guy on a motorcycle rides up and stops.

What’s interesting is that he stops right at the spot where the girl appeared.

He gets off the bike and you can tell that he senses something because he’s looking around.

He seems to be searching for whatever is giving him the willies.

Just as he calms down and begins to go about his business, the creepy girl re-appears.

She’s still looking down like she’s lost.

The guy freaks out and runs away, leaving his bike behind.

She then flies off again, leaving a white trail behind her.

We have no idea who she is or how long it took for the guy to return – if he did return.

It seems that the video was taken on a road in a tropical location, like Indonesia or Malaysia.

The vegetation on the other side of the road has palm-like trees and it looks like it’s been raining.

There’s no telling who the girl was, why she appears on that road and why she keeps looking down.

Watch the Paranormal Footage

Real or fake, what do you think?