Black-Eyed Ghost Girl Caught on Camera

The person who filmed the video below says that he recorded it on his mobile phone to check for clarity and wasn’t expecting to see this terrifying girl with black eyes when he played the footage later on.

Black-Eyed-Girl-on Camera

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Updated 2/10/2020 – We watch the camera pan and sweep over the grounds of what appears to be a dilapidated and/or abandoned school.

The long, pink fence is the first thing we see as the camera rolls over the scenery.

Two people are in the background standing near their motorbikes.

We then see the building on the other side with two motorbikes parked nearby, which are next to an area that seems to be overgrown and neglected.

When the camera pans back, obviously held by either a nervous hand or someone who doesn’t have much experience using a video camera, we see something in the window.


scary videos/youtube

Then a message on the screen asks if we saw something.

The video is rolled back again and again, slowing down more and more every time.

We see a young school girl in the shadows standing to the left, behind a window with bars.

There doesn’t seem to be any glass in the old window, but the ghost girl is plain to see.

She is pale and motionless, staring right at the camera with large, black eyes in a mournful gaze.

The room behind her is dark and she seems to be watching for something or someone.

It’s hard to say who she could’ve been.

Maybe she was a schoolgirl who died there.

When the video is replayed over and over, the girl becomes even more creepy.

Her blank stare makes it feel like she is staring right into your soul.

Check it out for yourself: