The Vampiric Seductress of Otay Valley Regional Park Wants To Know If You Can Keep a Secret

Once upon a time, there may or may not have been a gathering that took place in Otay Valley Regional Park.

Which is a beautiful section of ground in San Diego, California that is home to some very strange and seemingly paranormal incidents.

This gathering, if indeed it did occur, may have had something to do with occult practices.

The Vampiric Seductress of Otay Valley Regional Park Wants To Know If You Can Keep a Secret

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Locals who believe that this is the case claim that it is the only way that a creature such as the one they claim roams this park at night could actually have been called into being.

Difficult as it might be to believe in this day and age, those who have seen the creature wandering around in the park claim that it is a vampire.

Otay Valley Regional Park May Be San Diego’s Only Park To Feature A Vampire

“We think she mostly just hunts small animals throughout the park,” says one former city employee who used to work in and around the park from time to time.

“I myself found the bodies of squirrels and rats and things like that from time to time.

“At first I never thought much of it, but after a while – when the stories started circulating and the creature was getting more and more attention – I started paying closer attention.

“The thing that I noticed was that the corpses of the animals I found never seemed to have any blood in them.

“And they always had bite marks.”

She has been up to some very bad things. Can she trust you with her secret?

Photo credit: tumblr/denicedenice

Possible Attacks On Humans?

“We believe that the vampire of Otay Park has been roaming the grounds for over a century,” says Maggie B., a member of a local Wiccan group dedicated to uncovering the truth about the creature.

“Somewhere along the line, some group of people – probably people who got their hands on some kind of powerful spell that they didn’t understand and shouldn’t have been messing with – called this thing up from the darkness and accidentally set it loose.

“At least, we hope it was accidental.

“While it hasn’t attacked anyone that we’re aware of in recent times, there are rumors that somewhere around the turn of the twentieth century, a series of unexplained deaths happened in the region.

“Authorities at the time, I think, blamed cholera, but there is evidence to suggest that the people who died had been exsanguinated.”

Drained of their blood.

“If the creature is out there, and if it is indeed a vampire,” Maggie says, “we intend to draw it out at some point.

“It could be that it has just been gathering its strength over the past decades; one never knows with this kind of thing what’s going to happen next.”

In the meantime, if you’re ever out in Otay Park at night, and you see a creature darting among the trees, you might do well to turn around and run the other way.

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