The Martinez House: The Original Sacramento Murder House

Exuding a sinister aura at H and 22nd St, Sacramento, the Martinez House is the stuff of your worst nightmares.

On the outside, it looks exactly like one of the settings of a horror movie.

But on the inside, there are innocent spirits trapped by evil entities, reliving the day they left this world over and over again.

The Martinez House: The Original Sacramento Murder House


The Bloody History of the Martinez House in Sacramento

Updated 9/23/2019 – Legend has it that Dr. Aden Hart and his family were the first people to live in the house.

Over time, Aden’s wife and children noticed that his life seemed to be sapping out of him.

Though his hours in the study room have been deemed the culprit, paranormal investigators claim that the evil entity residing in the spooky house is to blame.

But more on that later.

Aden would lash out on his family until one day he snapped.

He took his wife to the cellar and began torturing her using medical equipment.

After dying within hours (according to a renowned medium who visited the mansion), he moved on to hacking at his children.

Dr. Aden left no one alive in the Martinez House, killing even the family pet.

What happened to him is yet to be known, but many assume that he killed himself once the entity released its hold of him.

The Ghostly Residents of this Murderous House

Long after the Harts came the Martinez family, after whom this house was named.

Paranormal investigator Brian Colbert wrote that Lillian Martinez and her family moved to Sacramento in 1973.

From the very first night, the family would wake up late at night due to the sounds of a struggle in the kitchen and crashing glassware.

However, nothing was there.

The Martinez family experienced many paranormal encounters, including seeing a gray and white cat fade, hearing panting sounds up the stairs, and watching the ghost of an Asian man in a white coat.

One of its youngest members wrote in her diary that she woke up once feeling hot and sticky only to smell blood.

The Bloody History of the Martinez House in Sacramento

Photo credit: tumblr/randomnessofmind

She then saw her mattress turn red as if it was bleeding.

That’s when she noticed an orb float towards her and then through her.

Lilly Monica, Tyrone, and Diana Martinez also told investigators that they saw a woman in a yellow floral dress walk by.

Meanwhile, the husband Julio witnessed children hiding in doorways.

It seemed as if each member of the family could see a certain ghost.

So, you never know who you’ll come across there.

The Martinez family ghosts aside, there are several entities under that roof, including the one that possessed Dr. Hart.

Investigators led by Paul Roberts reported smelling a man’s cologne on the property and recorded an EVP saying, “I’ll git,” after one of them asked their ‘guest’ to leave.

With their digital cameras, they clicked pictures of orbs coming out of the window.

When one of his team members tried taking a picture of the window, she saw a filmy figure peering out.

Now many people have tried disproving her and all those pointing out the darkness within the house.

In fact, the current ‘owner’ of the Martinez House claimed that there was never a Martinez family and that his house wasn’t haunted.

Instead, he blames his sister for starting a rumor that grew out of proportions.

However, stand on the house’s lawn and you’ll feel fear and hatred like hundreds before you.

The house definitely has something that doesn’t want to be revealed, which is why it never let those it possessed live long to tell the tale.